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the NASA Offer a million dollars Anyone can find a workable solution for it feed the astronautOn a long trip to Mars . The long-term challenge has baffled scientists trying to create an ambitious multi-year mission with packaged foods that does not meet the health needs of astronauts.

Who can find a solution to a problem? Deep Space Food Challenge He will receive a $1 million prize for innovative ideas on food production technologies. Participants are expected to present ideas that are not only palatable, sustainable and require minimal resources, but will also produce Waste as little as possible.

Advertising on .’s website NASA Dice: “The first lunar missions will begin using packaged food systems similar to those currently in use on the International Space Station (ISS), but extending the duration of lunar missions requires reducing resupply on Earth until the diet is ready.” to support the mission. Mars“.

In the first phase, designs were proposed that ranged from the cultivation of plants and fungi to technologies that could produce ready-to-eat foods, such as bread and dried powders, which could be made into food products. Suggestions have also been made for engineered foods, such as which cultured meat cells should be grown or produced by the crew aboard the ship.

One company, BeeHex, 3D printing of pizza in space , while the Air Company is trying to create a file Space Protein Shake Feeding proteins and microbes to newly created alcohols.

the NASA Encourages new and existing teams to enter the second stage of the competition. Teams entering this stage are asked to design, build and demonstrate food production models that can be used A three-year assignment.

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Jim Reuter The Associate Director of the Space Technology Mission Directorate said: Pushing the boundaries of healthy food technology to support future explorers and could help feed people right here at home .

the NASA He added that the solutions presented as part of the competition could also be used in harsh environments such as the Arctic to support food systems.

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