The European Union transfers sanctions to the teams that promoted the European League: a warning to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus

UEFA told how they will act after what happened with the European Premier League (Photo: Reuters)

When the waters of European football were calm and bubble from European Premier League Has dissipated, and UEFA I published a statement in the report that came to Prof. An agreement with the nine clubs that withdrew from the project. At the same time, he left a warning for Real MadridAnd the Barcelona s Juventus, Who are still pursuing this plan.

“In the spirit of reconciliation and in the interest of European football, Nine of the 12 clubs participating in the so-called “Premier League” project have submitted a “Declaration of Club Commitment” to UEFA. “In which club status has been determined, including their commitment to UEFA club competitions, as well as national club competitions,” the organization that organizes football in Old Continent.

This is UEFA Come to terms with Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Inter, Manchester United, Manchester City, Milan e TothamBut the clubs had to accept that she committed “Error” They will be subject to various fines.

UEFA president Alexander Ceferin said it has nine clubs "Show his repentance" For the European Super League (Photo: EFE)
UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin said nine clubs “expressed regret” for the European Super League (Photo: EFE)

These entities must Donate € 15 million In favor of “children, youth and football popular in communities across Europe, including the United Kingdom” and They would lose 5% of UEFA’s revenue For a season. In addition, if they participate in another private project, they must pay a fine 100 million euros And if they don’t continue to join UEFA after 2024 they will pay 50 million euros.

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These nine clubs understand and accept that the Superliga project was a mistake They apologize to the fans, the national federations, the national leagues, the European clubs and UEFA. They also realized that the project would not have been authorized by UEFA laws and regulations, “they explained in the statement.

Joan Laporta, Barcelona's president, Florentino Perez, of Real Madrid, still aspires to finish the Premier League (Photo: EFE)
Joan Laporta, Barcelona’s president, Florentino Perez, of Real Madrid, still aspires to finish the Premier League (Photo: EFE)

It was not clear what the body’s stance against it would be JuventusAnd the Real Madrid s Barcelona, Who still maintain the closest location they have to implement Super Lega. For now, a warning: “In addition, looking to the future, UEFA will do so He may reserve all rights to take actions he deems appropriate against those clubs Who have so far refused to give up the so-called “Premier League”. The matter will be referred without delay to the relevant disciplinary bodies in UEFA. “

Uefa contacts around European Avenue

In particular, the nine clubs:

You acknowledge and accept without reservation the binding nature of UEFA laws

Maintain your commitment and you will participate in any UEFA club competition every season that club qualifies for on the basis of sporting merit.

He will rejoin the European Club Association, the only representative body for clubs recognized by UEFA

It will take all measures within its authority to terminate its participation in the company established to form and operate the Premier League and to terminate any relevant existing legal proceeding.

As a goodwill gesture, in cooperation with other clubs, it will make a donation totaling 15 million euros, which will be used to benefit children, youth and grassroots football in communities across Europe, including the United Kingdom.

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They will be subject to withholding 5% of the income received from UEFA club competitions during a season, which will be redistributed.

They agree to impose heavy fines if they seek to play in unauthorized competition (€ 100 million) or if they breach any other obligations they made in the club’s statement of commitment (€ 50 million).

It will provide individual commitments to UEFA as all principles and values ​​set out in the 2019 Memorandum of Understanding between UEFA and the European Club Association are accepted.

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