The European Union is finalizing passport details …

The European Commission (EC) will present its proposal for a digital passport for community vaccination this monthAs confirmed on Monday by the head of the authority, Ursula von der Leyen, Which could allow its citizens to travel more freely during the summer holidays.

The so-called “digital green corridor” will include testimonies of those who have been vaccinated, test results for those who have not yet been vaccinated and information about the recovery process for those who have contracted the coronavirus.

The goal is to make it known by all member states Of the European Union and in compliance with the regulations established by each of the 27 countries to continue developing their own vaccination campaigns.

The European Commission President took the initiative during a closed-door meeting with German lawmakers from her party, and later confirmed it on Twitter, when the news reached the press.

In his message on the networks, he made it clear that the proposal would be presented “this month” and “it will respect data protection, security and privacy.” Details about the schedule or the overall content of the project are still known.

European leaders agreed last week that a joint vaccination permit should be determined before next summer.

If implemented, this initiative would facilitate travel flexibility within the European Union (European Union) – including towards third countries – as the German Chancellor presented last week, Angela Merkel.

The southern countries of the European Union, which depend heavily on the economy of the tourism sector, are the main advocates for this project, with Spain in the forefront, which hailed the proposal.

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Once the initiative’s technical problems are resolved, political questions will be pending, including when it will come into effect, bearing in mind that it would be unfair to grant concessions to those who were vaccinated while the vaccine was not offered to the entire population, and what kind of rights would be granted.

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