The European Football Association accuses FC Barcelona in the Negrera case: “It is very serious.”

Case Negrera continues to make strides. LaLiga, UEFA, CSD and RFEF have spoken out on the issue. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin will be re-elected as the Football Entity’s President for the period 2023-2027. The chief at Ikeba spoke about the whole scandal: “I cannot comment directly on this for two reasons. One, because we have an independent disciplinary committee responsible for this. And secondly, because I did not dwell on this matter in detail. However, I can say something. I have informed myself and the situation is very serious. It’s so dangerous that, in my opinion, it’s one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen in football. At the La Liga level, of course, the matter is decided. It cannot have competitive consequences, but proceedings are underway at the level of the Spanish Civil Prosecution. But with regard to UEFA, nothing is prescribed. I cannot and do not want to respond to the possible penalties that may ensue.”

“I never wanted to be paid because I already owned my company and got money from FC Barcelona. We met in Madrid every week or every 15 days. What we did was go over the reports given by the referees after each match (indicating minutes) and record them. We also had a detective from the federation check whether the arbitration was valid. Preparing technical talks for referees. And Negrera himself recognized the heads of the region.

On the other hand, Ceferin also spoke about the Premier League: “They didn’t quite realize that we had nothing to bargain with. Of course, ego also plays a certain role in some of these people, and for this reason, they still do something in this field, because they are used to Over the years everyone nodded to their goals. But this story is over, there is no doubt about it. We had a meeting with the A22 company, which took over the management of the interests from these three clubs, and even my colleagues were against my meeting with them. They did not see the reason and the need to meet me with a promotional company, but I I still wanted this meeting so that no one would accuse me of inaccessibility and arrogance. But I didn’t want to be alone in this meeting, so we called the clubs, we called the leagues, we called the fans and we called FIFpro. They were all in the room when the A22 representatives arrived, and certainly not They would never see such an attitude of contempt as these actors found in everyone present. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told them: “This is your Waterloo.” An England supporter told them: “The UK has had more prime ministers in the last two months than cause supporters.” They could see that this was a project that no one wanted. It’s a shame that this is still happening, and it probably wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of the media.”

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