The embassy excludes the possibility of US intervention in Bolivia

Chargé d’affaires a.i. of the United States Embassy in Bolivia, Jaran Hilsman, became the first diplomat, not an ambassador, for that country, who I decided to respond forcefully to former President Evo Morales Since 2008, the head of MAS, and then the first president, has been declared persona non grata, expelled Ambassador Philip Goldberg and downgraded relations between the two countries.

Hilsman surprised Thursday with a powerful statement and statement, though he didn’t mention Morales in his script. The United States fully respects the sovereignty of nations and their right to develop their natural resources and He strongly rejects unfounded allegations of interferenceAs stated in the embassy statement.

He was direct and forceful. Statements from the US representation, since 2008, have always measured words and appealed for “mutual cooperation”.

Before that, the strongest statement was made by the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, who commented from Washington and as the first authority in that country, on Morales’ resignation, in 2019.

The resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales is an important moment for democracy in the western hemisphere. After nearly 14 years and his last attempt to ignore the Bolivian constitution and the will of the people, Morales’ departure preserves democracy and paves the way for the voice of the Bolivian people to be heard. The United States commends the Bolivian people for their demand for freedom, as well as the Bolivian Armed Forces for taking an oath to defend not just one person, but the Bolivian Constitution.”

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Yesterday, the chargé d’affaires returned to the usual line in the second paragraph of the statement that came out of the building on Avenida Archi in La Paz.

“We repeat that the foreign policy of the government of The primary goal of the United States is to work with other countries and enhancing international cooperation to address global challenges that affect us all, such as climate change, pandemics, and global economic recovery. And we know that global peace and prosperity depend on a rules-based global order that respects human rights and the sovereignty of peoples.”

The diplomat realized that “our peoples can work together to improve the lives of Bolivians and Americans alike. Our desire to cooperate remains unchanged“.

Evo Morales, two days ago, denounced on Twitter that “the United States is preparing through Southern Command Implementation of an intervention plan in Bolivia And brotherly countries in the region under the pretext of ensuring democracy and security. Their real interest is to subdue us politically by stealing our natural resources.”

He regretted that the chair of that leadership, Laura Richardson, had made it known A “decisive decade” for the United States begins To take control of the security of the southern hemisphere through the so-called strategy of southern cooperation, with the United Kingdom whose ambassador promoted the coup in Bolivia, France, Canada and the Netherlands.

Then note that Richardson’denouncing the supposed rule of “tyrants” in Latin America, But he attacked the freedom of expression of media such as RT en Español and Sputnik, which publish information from a different perspective than the hegemony that the United States wants to impose with its pro-imperialist media. This plan will fail once again because the free peoples of Latin America will never again succumb to the whims of armaments imperialism that destroys world peace with interventions, assassinations, economic blockades and coups d’état,” Morales stressed.

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yesterday, Morales also criticized the request of Chilean President Gabriel BoricIn order for Bolivia to help redirect the immigrants, especially the Colombians and Venezuelans, to expel them and not allow them to enter their lands, and once again attacked the United States and compared its actions with those of Washington on the Mexican border.

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They ruled that the United States “fully respects the sovereignty of states and their right to develop their natural resources and categorically rejects unfounded allegations of interference.”

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