The effective exercise chosen by Queen Letizia to tighten her arms

Like all members of the royal family, the Queen Letizia She has great public appearances, which forces her to always look flawless. Claims himself, and also shows he’s doing better every time, which means doing Follow a careful diet and a strenuous exercise routine. Obedient to the rules of the royal house, he does not let his legs show behind the knees. That is why he usually chooses sleeveless clothes, which appear as a result of the hours he spent in the gym in Her arms are toned which – which, In some media, they are already being compared to Madonna.

One of the exercises The Queen disciplined practices are roll bicepsin all its editions. It is a common and simple exercise that produces easily visible results by extending and bending the arm. “If done well technically, the biceps curl It is one of the most effective fore arm exercises. How long does it take to see the effect? It depends a lot on how often you train, always keeping in mind that you should have twenty-four hours of muscle recovery,” he explains to Nation professional coach William Sardi (Tweet embed).

Letizia usually opts for sleeveless clothing, which shows the result of her hours working in the gym on her toned armsInstagram: @casareal_españa

Biceps work the arm contraction in different ways? To add resistance and enhance strength, It can be performed with dumbbells, with elastic or resistance bands, with a flat bar or with a W . bar. “To do this with your weight, the person hangs from a stationary bar and goes into bending the arms, slowly lowering. They should not be quick movements. They are slow and contained, back and forth. Like every dynamic or isotonic action, the movement It consists of two parts: the concentric part, which occurs when the arm is bent, and the eccentric part when it is extended.. The eccentric phase must be taken into account to regulate the speed of the exercise,” says the professor.

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Although it is a simple exercise, in the case of beginners The coach recommends to start exercising roll of biceps seated on a bench with backrest at 90 degreesKeeping the waist and back well supported with the abdomen area always reduced. “Once you master the position, perform the exercise with a load that allows it to be performed correctlyThen you can go into a standing position with one leg forward and the other back – both bent – and tighten your buttocks and abdomen to fix the lower back so it doesn’t hurt.”

Letizia shows itself in better shape, which means following a careful diet and a strenuous exercise routine
Letizia shows itself in better shape, which means following a careful diet and a strenuous exercise routineInstagram: @casareal_españa

fairly one of the Most common errors In carrying out the exercise In a standing position, when muscle strength is exhausted, to start Tension with lower back. Then the torso is shaken forward and backward. This should be avoided so as not to harm yourself.

As for the series? roll biceps“A woman when she works with dumbbells and her arm Letizia may use between four and six kilograms and should perform four to six sets of ten to twelve repetitions. Technology always prevails over pregnancy. This means that it is much better to work with a lot of technique and not with a lot of burden to mobilize all the corners of the muscles,” emphasizes the professional who, in addition, emphasizes the importance of including a pause, between 45 seconds and two minutes is necessary to recover the muscle.

King Felipe VI (left) and Queen Letizia (D) on the beach of Las Canteras during their visit to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
King Felipe VI (left) and Queen Letizia (D) on the beach of Las Canteras during their visit to Las Palmas de Gran CanariaEFE

To complete the building of the muscles of the arms, “Can you do a triceps dip?, which is the extensor muscle of the arm. It can also be done Push-ups and lateral raises with dumbbellswith an iron bar or with a resistance band,” he adds.

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Guillermo Sardi stresses the importance of implementing a Proper nutrition and routine exercises Supervised by a professional Correct posture to avoid injury. Something that Queen Letizia is sure to strictly adhere to.

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