The “Easter Egg Strike” turns the protests against the Myanmar junta

Easter protests in Myanmar

Burmese citizens decided to turn the protests against the coup on Sunday. With Easter egg strikeProtesters sought to challenge the authorities’ crackdown, which would already add more than thousands of dead. “Let’s save Burma”, “We want democracy” or “Get off the road MAH” – referring to junta leader Min Aung Helan – are some of the messages decorating the Easter eggs, whose photos were published this Sunday by the civil disobedience movement.

The campaign called on the demonstrators to lay eggs with pictures and messages in different parts of the country and to share the images on social networks, as in the past hours it brought together independent media such as “Irrawaddy” and “Myanmar Now”.

“The chicken must hatch from the egg in order for it to hatch. We, the people of Burma, must fight with all our strength against the injustice of the junta.”One protester, Wai Yan, told the DPA news agency. “We have to fight them until we win.”, It was announced.

Eggs with messages of peace, aid, and protest against the military regime
Eggs with messages of peace, aid, and protest against the military regime
"Protest starts off
“The Easter egg protest was launched in Myanmar in honor of Easter Sunday with the challenge being creatively demonstrated by painting slogans of democracy on the eggs. We call on everyone to participate in this strike with the people of Myanmar.” Tweet from @ Alina8518

The so-called “Easter egg strike” on Sunday comes after other days. Among those demonstrations were the “flower protest”, where demonstrators laid flowers in public places in honor of the dead at the hands of the security forces, and a “silent protest” in which people left deserted streets across the country.

Protesters took to the streets in white with messages against the coup
Protesters took to the streets in white with messages against the coup

Local media also reported new protests in several cities, which showed scenes of tension between the security forces and the demonstrators. According to AAAP, At least 557 people have been killed since the February 1 coup and more than 2,600 are in detentionMany of them are being held incommunicado without contact with their families or lawyers, but they are missing.

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Authorities have issued arrest warrants for 40 Burmese celebrities, including singers, models and social media influencers, accused of spreading information that could lead to riots in the armed forces. Among the defendants is actress Mi To Khin, who published several anti-coup publications. The artist explained that the television had announced the matter against her, expressing her regret at being persecuted for “doing her job” as a civilian: “Using my program to tell the truth.”

The council has also blocked internet access for a large majority of the population.

The United Nations envoy in Burma, Christine Schranner Burgener, has warned of an “unprecedented” “civil war”. However, the UN Security Council remains divided. China and Russia are categorically opposed to the idea of ​​imposing UN sanctions, unlike the United States and the United Kingdom, which have already imposed them.

The military, which is deaf to international condemnations, justified the coup for alleged massive fraud during the November elections, which were overwhelmingly won by the 75-year-old Nobel Peace Prize-winning party in 1991. The generals tightened their judicial blockade against Aung San Suu KyiThey were arrested and accused of corruption and violating colonial law on state secrets.

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