The disappearance of independent bodies means the amendment of the Constitution and T-MEC

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the Disappearance of independent bodiesas suggested by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, it would imply that the Constitution and Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) confirmed Adolfo Cuevas Teja, Chief Commissioner of the Federal Institute of Communications (IFT).

In a radio interview, Cuevas Tejas Rule out that IFT is at risk of disappearingLike I said, you are protected by the results and services you provide. “I don’t see it as a real possibility, but we are open to debate and scrutiny, we are an institution transparent, Open s TechniqueAnd that is how we will always act.”

“the IFT is enshrined in the constitution It is up to debate which constitutional amendment could lead to a decision in this regard, in addition to the IFT being considered an obligation in the T-MEC, which would require additional negotiations with the United States and Canada,” he emphasized.

The Chief Commissioner of IFT highlighted this since Create the body, in 2013Mobile internet connections have tripled, prices are down 40 percent, and they’ve switched to high-speed 4G mobile coverage as they manage entry to 5G.

“The investments are big, the results are clear, Telecommunications are essential to the lives of MexicansWe have seen that with the pandemic, and FIFA has decisively contributed to strengthening this sector.”

This Tuesday, President Lopez Obrador indicated during his morning conference that his government would no longer have time to implement a decision Constitutional reform in order to eliminate independent bodies, He insisted, and contributed to the creation of a “neo-liberal economic policy.”

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