The diplomat highlights the attraction of foreign investment

Santo Domingo, d.

The Head of the Roundtable of the Commonwealth of Nations in the Dominican Republic, Fernando Gonzalez Nicholas, affirmed yesterday that the Dominican Republic is certainly a very attractive destination for foreign investment.

Acknowledging the efforts of the Luis Abenader government to improve the business climate and legal certainty in the country, In reaction to the report published yesterday in this medium, in which it is realized that the country continues to be a leader in attracting new foreign investment in the Central American region.

The diplomat said that the new conditions offered by the country were able to increase investments to record numbers, making the Dominican Republic a leader in the entire region.

He said it is important that after the pandemic, in 2021 Foreign investments amounted to $3.102 millionup from $2,559 million in 2020 and $3,021 million in 2019, in pre-pandemic times.

The Dominican Republic has been very successful in attracting Investments in tourismHe said that free zones, renewable energy and mining, among other lines, and a large portion of the investments come from Commonwealth countries, especially Canada.

Gonzalez Nicholas pointed out that it is indisputable In the past two years, the Dominican Republic has remarkably restored its economy After the epidemic, he returned to increasing levels of investment and exports.

suitable climate
Strengthening the judicial system, and Simplify bureaucratic permit processes and economic stability They send a very positive message to international investors that the Dominican Republic has a favorable investment climate and legal security that facilitates and secures investments. Indian.

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The The Commonwealth of Nations is a grouping of countries of British descentwith a population of 2,400 million and controls 25% of world trade, is located on all continents.

The Roundtable Chair of the Commonwealth of Nations in the Dominican Republic, Fernando Gonzalez Nicholas, noted that there is always room for improvement.

He suggested paying more attention to the challenges facing the mining sector in the country today. He concluded that this sector has proven to be just as important to the Dominican economy as tourism, free zones and remittances.

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