The development of Resident Evil 8 Village began 6 months before the launch of RE 7, much to the team’s alarm

Also, Capcom decided to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One only a few months ago.

The wait is coming to an end: in a few days, fans of the Resident Evil saga over there Be able to play a Resident Evil Village 8, The new numbered installment of the franchise. Capcom It will take us back to a place Ethan WintersWhich will continue her story after everything that happened in it Resident Evil 7. Now, the developers talked a little more about creating the video game.

at New interview With IGN, the game manager, Morimasa SatoAnd the product Tsuyoshi Kanda, They provided more details on what it meant to create Resident Evil 8. An intriguing thing was that Capcom asked the development team to start working on the new game. Six months ago Resident Evil 7 has been released, which worried workers due to the They didn’t know how he would react First-person audience and new characters.

“We were still busy developing Resident Evil 7, but my boss told me so Start planning The next installment in the saga. At that time, we still don’t have it No idea how they would react Users of the new horror experience and RE 7 characters, “Sato explained. Good reception From the seventh installment I helped them choose a straightforward sequel.

“We had no idea how to receive the change of vision, so At first we were very anxious. But when we released Resident Evil 7 about half a year after we started developing Resident Evil 8 Village, it was well received. This helped us define that we needed to make the village a place Direct sequelSato counted.

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Resident Evil 8 may not be released on PS4 and XOne

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The new game will appear on previous and new generation consoles, but that is They can be differentSince Capcom started developing the only thinking title PlayStation 5And the Xbox Xbox X. s Xbox S. After the game was introduced in June 2020, the Japanese developer changed her mind and decided to launch the game in Playstation 4 s Xbox One, Although the developers They had to make adjustments.

If the quality isn’t enough on the PS4 and Xbox One, we won’t publish itTsuyoshi Kanda“We are developing the Village as a A game for the new generationHowever, to make it accessible to more players, we ran a lot of tests to give a similar experience to the last generation. […] We were able to introduce a product from High quality of these keyboards. However, if the quality wasn’t enough, I don’t think we would have published it. ” She indicated Wear, wear.

“If there is a big difference in graphic quality or frame rate It wasn’t going to be a thing We can introduce players, so we did our best to make sure Satisfactory on any platformSato insisted. next one May 7 We can finally enjoy Resident Evil 8, a game that’s in 3D games We can see and We tell you what we thought.

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