The devastating tragedy behind the film that ran through theaters without success and is now sweeping Netflix

CATALOGUE Netflix It is constantly updated and, at times, includes products released months, or even years ago, climbing the ranks. overall ranking. So it happened with a romantic movie and he Released in 2020 And the giant arrived flow This Monday, March 13th, while aiming to be successful among the bets of the platform for its history Based on real events.

Kenetti James “KJ” Apa, One of the heroes of the series Riverdaleexplains Jeremy Camp in As long as you are with me (I still believe). The character is a famous alternative rock and contemporary Christian singer, originally from Indiana, United State, which marked 17 of his songs at number one. The film also features the leading role of Britt Robertson, who plays Melissa LynnComposer’s love. The production was directed by the same creators of If only I could imagine (2018), John and Andrew Irwin.

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As Long as You Are With Me hits Netflix on March 13th.

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Born in 1978, Camp met barely twenty years old Melissa Lynna young woman whom he fell madly in love with and accompanied throughout his journey Incurable disease. On stage, he expressed all his feelings in songs dedicated to his partner, while engaging with him A deep dilemma about his Christian faithKnowing that he will face the loss of his comrade.

KJ Apa plays Jeremy Camp in the fantasyInstagram: jeremycampofficial

Another amazing appearance in this movie is that of the actress Melissa Roxburghwho plays the protagonist’s sister and was previously seen as Michaela Stone in the Netflix series, He appears.

Jeremy Camp was born into a Christian family. His father was a pastor and he started playing the guitar in church. from his neighborhood At one of their collaborations in San Diego, he met Melissa and they started a very emotional story, the end of which they felt. Little He was diagnosed with ovarian cancer And both know that the outcome will be imminent. The couple got engaged and gave “Yes, I want” In 2000, five months after they met, however On the honeymoon, her health worsened, and Lynn passed away Soon after, on February 5, 2001, at just 21 years old.

Melissa Lynn and Jeremy Camp got married in 2000the people

the Frustration and anger He captured the camp and led to the depths dilemma about his Christian faith. Thus, he expressed his pain in words “I still believe”, a song that became a new hit and later gave the title to the recently released Netflix movie. “It was the most painful part of my life. I thought he would heal and we would have a long history together.” Journal interview the people Three years ago.

Jeremy Camp and Adrian Lashing married in 2003 and have three children.Instagram: jeremycampofficial

The artist has published seven albums and It has sold over five million records, with tours in more than 30 countries around the world. Currently camp He has three children with Adrienne Liesching.The singer who said “Yes I do” to him in 2003.


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