The devastating diagnosis Antonio Gassala’s family has received regarding his health

In the last hours he learned that the professionals caring for him had informed his relatives of this Gasala suffers from progressive dementia. For the time being, he will remain hospitalized in the said sanatorium.

When he receives a clinical discharge, the comedian She will be transferred to a specialized centerWhere you will receive 24-hour care. The date when it can be derived remains unknown.

A few days ago, Gasala told his friends that he wanted to spend his last days in his apartment in Barrio Norte. However, his delicate state of health makes that impossible. From now on, it will require constant monitoring.

The health of Antonio Gasala: his concern among the most intimate

On a note with Show partners (the thirteen) Marcello Pollino Talk about health Antonio Gasala. The journalist explained that the comedian is still in the hospital, despite the revelation that he is in a nursing home.

On the subject of Antonio, I worry and take careShe tries to accompany the family in difficult times. Untrue things have been said.” Cautious in conversation with Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich.

Marcello Pollino noted that the comedian is not in the center for the elderly as discussed. No, not in a nursing home. He continues in the hospital in the same place and continues his studies.”detained.

In addition, the journalist stressed the enormous commitment of his relatives to take care of him. “Indeed, his nephew Fernando, of whom much was said about his surroundings, whether he was taking care of him or not, asked for a month’s leave and went with him to the clinic,” narrowed.

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Finally, Paulino outlines what will happen when he is released from the hospital. Then there will be a referral to a place that specializes in your pathology. He needs special care that he can’t get either at home or at home where there are healthy grandparents who live in so-called geriatrics just because it’s a matter of getting old.” I finish.

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