The Deseado-based company will export live crabs to the United States

Puerto Deseado, (C). – In a large-scale operation carried out last Friday and attended by the President of Bentónicos de Argentina, Vitaly Bacolin and staff from the National Fisheries Delegation, the Tango II ship unloaded a total of 280 live crabs caught in national waters.

The samples are part of a pilot trial that the company is carrying out with the intention of being marketed in the United States. They arrived in 2 pits that were emptied and immediately transported in a truck to the factory where they were manually deposited in 3 ponds in the company’s basin later, with the watchful eye of SENASA and Pesca Nación.

The Bentónicos president told Crónica that spider crabs will remain acclimatized for about two weeks in the pools until they are transported in a container to Ezeiza and then shipped in crates to Miami, a destination that requires live spider crabs for consumption in gourmet restaurants.

“This is a pilot test; with Tango II, it was possible to bring in 280 crabs representing 340 kilograms and we hope that most of the caught crabs will survive,” said the manager, noting that for now the crabs due to the stress they experienced after being caught and transported will remain calm and after That will start to move in the water. “We tried to create a climate very similar to the one at sea,” he commented.

Live specimens were captured on Thursday afternoon, and once the crabs were secured, the ship immediately returned to port. In addition to the pasha, the ship brought 72 tons of cooked spider crab, on its maiden voyage as part of the start of the benthic crustacean expedition.

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