The deputy followed the session with a video call from the bathroom and was caught holding toilet paper in his hand | Chronicle

Only he would know if he had reached his maximum strength or if the session was so boring that it was appropriate to use the time for something else. The truth is that the decision Go to the bathroom in the middle of a virtual session It has cost the deputy an uncomfortable situation Federico Doering, from the National Action Party to Mexico.

The legislator was caught in the toilet in a session followed by a video conference. Not only that, the pictures (somewhat blurry, luckily for him) show it With his pants down and a roll of toilet paper in hand.

The need to focus his forces on the task at hand made him Doring He realized that he had the cell phone, and fortunately for everyone, Cancel the video call at the specified time.

This unusual incident occurred during a virtual session of the United Committees for Standards, Studies, Parliamentary Practices, Administration and Purchase of Justice in Mexico City Congress. Upon learning of the publication of the photos, the Labor MP did not comment on any comment.

The astonished looks and complicit smiles of the other participants in the video call were the climax of the situation, which, obviously, spread on social networks.

look at the video!

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