The debate is still open for the elimination of geology as a fundamental science

Geology, along with mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, is part of the five basic or fundamental sciences. This is how it has been considered since 1847 by the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, however, the Ministry of Universities wants to put an end to this concept.

In the controversial draft royal decree in the fields of knowledge, Geology as such disappears, and earth sciences appear in its place. As a result, the only basic science that does not appear on the ministerial list becomes a comparative complaint, as denounced by the Conference of the Deans of Geology, the Spanish Geological Society, and the Earth and Muslim Teaching Association. The Official College of Geologists, who have met to present the corresponding claims to the Ministry of Universities where they ask Joan Subirates to correct them so that geology appears as a field of knowledge.

Antonio Miguel Martínez Grana, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of Salamanca and President of the Spanish Conference of Deans of Geology, He asserts that earth sciences are not a science in themselves, but they bring together a group of sciences where there is geology, but also climatology, meteorology or oceanography. Their grouping would generate organizational, academic, educational and educational problems, as they say, which are unnecessary, since separating them from one another meets the aim of the new law.

In addition, geologists claim that it is in the field of knowledge Architecture, construction, building, urban planning, civil engineering and topography Soil engineering and geological engineering should also be included, since they are two disciplines that have been around for decades and are widely recognized professionally and in high demand. In this sense, they point out that without this knowledge, the great demand for geotechnical studies that are in the works would not be covered by the qualifications gathered in this field.

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