The daughters of Victoria Salazar were repatriated to El Salvador: Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On this day, Mexican authorities linked the police involved in the murder to the operation (Photo: Reuters / Jose Cabezas)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (WednesdayHe reported so Two daughters of Victoria Salazar Ariaza, Who died on March 27 at the hands of the police in Tulum, Quintana Roo, To El Salvador.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that on April 3, the two minors were transported by air, along with their mother’s body, to their country of origin.

Orphans now It was handed over by the authorities of the Attorney General’s Office for the Protection of Children, Adolescents and the Family of Quintana Roo to the mother of the deceased He also returned to his country.

The Mexican ambassador to El Salvador, Ricardo Canto, received the deceased’s mother and daughters at San Salvador airport and coordinated the handover of Victoria Salazar’s body to the Salvadoran authorities.

Victoria's body, along with her daughters and mother, arrived in El Salvador (Photo: Reuters / Paula Chiumanti)
Victoria’s body, along with her daughters and mother, arrived in El Salvador (Photo: Reuters / Paula Chiumanti)

It must be remembered that on March 31, the Mexican authorities agreed to grant a A humanitarian visa a Rosibel America Arraiza, The mother of the victim, to arrive in Mexico to take the corresponding procedures to recover Victoria’s body, as well as to meet with the minors again.

However, on the day her granddaughter was traveling to Mexico from El Salvador, 16-year-old Franchila Yaritza has been reported missing An order was issued to activate Amber Alert for his site. Hours later, the young woman arrived at the Public Prosecution Office alone and the search was suspended.

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In this context , The grandmother called on the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to grant asylum to the minors, we will He feared for their safety if they stayed in Mexico or returned to El Salvador.

I’m afraid something will happen to my girls in Mexico and I don’t want to bring them to El Salvador“I want to ask President Joe Biden to help me and communicate with my granddaughters in the United States and grant them asylum,” he told the news agency by telephone. France Press agency.

Rosebel Emerita Ariaza, Victoria's mother, traveled to Mexico to solve problems related to Victoria's death (Photo: Reuters / Jose Cabezas / Archive)
Rosebel Emerita Ariaza, Victoria’s mother, traveled to Mexico to solve problems related to Victoria’s death (Photo: Reuters / Jose Cabezas / Archive)

However, his call was not answered and he returned home on April 3 with the palace and Victoria’s body.

The case of Victoria Salazar moved Mexico. It has been compared to George Floyd, who was subjugated by the police after an unjustified arrest, In addition, the fact that she was an immigrant was added, so feminist groups protested at various points for several days for justice.

In response, on April 3, authorities linked the police officers involved in the killing to the trial.

Feminist groups protested against Victoria's death (Photo: Reuters / Jose Cabezas / Archive)
Feminist groups protested against Victoria’s death (Photo: Reuters / Jose Cabezas / Archive)

On March 27th, four Police took control of Victoria Salazar in Tulum and she died with a fractured spine, after spending several minutes with someone’s knee on her back. The officers argued that the woman had been arrested for breaching the order, but some photos taken shortly before the arrest revealed that El Salvador only entered Oxxo with a jug and was wandering around the store.

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According to reports from the Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office, the agents involved in the case are four men and one woman. Three of the road police and the other two are municipal.

Items are identified as Michelangelo C., 34 years old and Raoul L.35 years old, both from Valladolid Yucatan; Erasmo b, 35 years old, is from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas W. Alexander C., 38, originally from Petcacab, Quintana Roo. The policewoman who put her knee on the detainee is Veronica V, 42 years old, originally from Merida, Yucatan.

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