The Cuban dictatorship sentenced journalist Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca to 5 years in prison for calling for free elections.

Cuban freelance journalist Lazaro Yuri Valle Roca has been a target of the Cuban dictatorship for more than a decade.

Cuban journalist and activist Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca – detained since June 2021 – has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for “persistent hostile propaganda” for his call for free elections.

In the same case, Alien Tijerino Castro received four years for continuous enemy propaganda, Ruslán Hernández Reyes, two years, and Yusniel Milián González, one year, both for enemy propaganda.

The content of the sentence was published the day before on social networks by activist Iralides Fromita, the wife of the caller.

The referee accuses Valle Roca and Tigrina of having an “illegal non-governmental organization calling itself ‘Delibera’ where they held meetings with the aim of planning, filming and broadcasting actions contrary to the social and political order in Cuba”. On social networks “to spread a picture of social and political instability within the country to the world.”

Castro’s court notes that Tigerino Castro wrote pamphlets containing “an approach contrary to the current social and political order in Cuba” and in which like legends home and lifeAnd the A song criticizing the Cuban government and the slogan of the 2021 protests, and “The people demand democracy.”

Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca reported on his social networks the brutality of the Castro regime
Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca reported on his social networks the brutality of the Castro regime

Moreover, the ruling states that The convicts organized a demonstration on June 4, 2021, which was filmed and posted on the Facebook account of the NGO Delibera por Valle Roca.

Days later, he adds the sentence, the convicts threw the printed leaflets at various points while the journalist recorded them for later uploading to NGO networks.

Home and Life, the song that unleashed the wrath of the Castro regime

According to the court, these phrases about freedom and basic human rights that are not timely enforced, such as freedom of expression, are misunderstood in a different context.. They were accused of anti-propaganda uttering phrases from Martí and Maceo, who, without a doubt, if they were alive, would be enemies of the dictatorship in many aspects similar and even worse, to the Spanish colonial power they opposed.Journalist Jose Raul Gallego reassured the verdict.

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Valle Roca has been in temporary prison since June 15, 2021, when he was stopped by the police after he was called to the police unit, presumably because the 2020 investigation into the crime of resistance will be closed. The day before his arrest, Valle had reported releasing posts with pro-democracy messages from a building in Havana, on his YouTube channel “Deliberate”.

During his imprisonment, the journalist suffered 15 types of torture described by Prisoners Defenders (PD), which presented a document to the United Nations condemning patterns of abuse in Cuban prisons.

The list consists of: denial of medical care, forced labor outside the scope of criminal punishment, the obligation to maintain uncomfortable or abusive positions, the punishment of solitary confinement, the use of temperature as a torture mechanism, physical abuse, transportation to unknown locations, and premeditation. Confusion, deprivation of water or food, sleep and communication with lawyers and relatives, threats to their safety and the safety of loved ones, deployment of weapons or elements of torture, deliberate exposure to distress and uncertainty due to a family member’s condition, humiliation, humiliation, and verbal abuse.

The case of Valle Roca, 60, was mentioned with particular interest in the semi-annual report on Cuba by the American Press Association (IAPA), which was submitted in April. In addition, the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Press, in a statement, condemned the sentence against the journalist and demanded the government to release him immediately. Similarly, the Madrid-based NGO Cuban Observatory for Human Rights condemned the ruling.

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