The CRS-24 spacecraft makes a second attempt to decode from the International Space Station

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SpaceX’s CRS-24 Dragon cargo ship, which arrived at the International Space Station on December 22 with science materials and Christmas gifts for astronauts, skidded off the International Space Station after the previous day’s failure.

The spacecraft was scheduled to leave the International Space Station on January 22. However, due to bad weather at the landing site, The landing has been rescheduled For this January 23.

The spacecraft will return to Earth carrying a retired Light Microscopy Module (LMM) microscope and samples for studies on colloids and cell signaling in microgravity.

CRS-24 is scheduled to return to Earth on the afternoon of January 24 and dive off the coast of Florida.

in december ship Led to human muscle cells on the International Space Station As part of the research on aging.

The cells have been used to study human aging and the causes of muscle weakness with age.

Additionally, this research could support the development of countermeasures to help space crew members maintain optimal health on future missions.

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