The creators of Microsoft Flight Simulator noted the waters of Sea of ​​Thieves

Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrate 40th Anniversary long life Series of flight simulators with the Biggest update so far From the game for PC, Xbox Series and Xbox Cloud Gaming, which Already available. For this reason, in Vandal We had the opportunity to sit digitally with Jörg Neumannthe main responsible for the title, to talk about novelties (among them Helicopters and gliders) and technological innovations and other additions to this free content.

After a comprehensive explanation of everything The physics techniques they had to inventwe asked Neumann if all of these Innovations used by the rest of the teams from Xbox Game Studios. “We’re collaborating,” Neumann says. “For example, when we started, I remember we talked with rare. we started [el desarrollo de Microsoft Flight Simulator] In 2016, I think, Rare did something in sea ​​of ​​thieves; The water looks great“.

“Your water looks great! Can we take a look at what you did?” Rare developers were told. “We didn’t exactly end up using this technology, but we learned a lot for what they did. We also have a very close relationship with the study duty. We watch what they do and watch what we do. There’s a family of studios on Xbox, and we’ve obviously talked. We help each other. It happens all the time, and we think it’s cool.”

Turn10 Studios studied sky technology for flight simulator

In fact, part of how the tutorials and help systems work in the current version of Microsoft Flight Simulator Inspired by how those from long story Forza Motorsport: “I think that boys from duty They were looking at us [tecnologa del] sky The other day, for example, we Take a look at what they do with the help, for example. In fact, they innovate a lot with things like Drivatar and other things they’ve done in the past. You can learn a lot from each other, and we do that.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator It has been available since August 2020 on PC (Steam and Microsoft Store), since the summer of last year on Xbox Series, and since March 2022 on Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing the title to be played on mobile devices via the cloud. Title is included in PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass.

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