The CPC Congress begins on Sunday and runs until October 22

Xi Jinping (Reuters/Jason Lee/File)

The Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC)which opens on Sunday in Beijing, will continue until October 22Announced this Saturday Sun Yeli, the official spokesperson for this event. The Great Five-Year Event of Chinese Political Life He plans to grant President Xi Jinping a third term At the head of the political organization and the state.

The day after the closing, that is, on October 23, it was Formation of the new Permanent Committee of the Political Bureauwhich is the group of seven or nine figures who embody the leadership of the Authority, including the Secretary-General of the Palestinian Central Council, currently Xi Jinping.

Altogether, some 2300 delegateswhich was elected by the various one-party councils, will meet behind closed doors after the opening ceremony on Sunday in Beijing, at the People’s Palace.

Xi Jinping, 69, will be staying the past five years there, and will communicate his roadmap for the next five years in a televised address.

The conference, the twentieth since the establishment of the PCC in 1921, is expected to lead to a major reconfiguration of the Politburo Standing Committee. According to unwritten tradition, some of the current members of this ruling attic have reached retirement age.

In addition to inconvenience to residents, the zero COVID policy also harms business (REUTERS/Aly Song)
In addition to inconvenience to residents, the zero COVID policy also harms business (REUTERS/Aly Song)

Isolation due to COVID-19

While the rest of the world has gradually returned to its pre-pandemic state, Beijing sticks to its COVID-free strategyWith travel restrictions, mandatory quarantines and frequent closures.

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In addition to the harassment of residents, Politics also hurt business. Economic growth slowed as other long-term problems emerged, such as the waning housing bubble.

Beijing’s policy of not spreading the novel coronavirus has discouraged much-needed investment It failed to win the hearts and minds of young Chinese who suffered economically and socially.” Yu Jifrom the Asia Pacific Program of the Chatham House Research Center.

Relations with the United States have become more poisonous in the past five years, and Xi’s more aggressive foreign policy has caused disputes with many countries such as India, Australia and Canada.

Western countries He criticized the aggressive rhetoric towards the self-ruled island of Taiwan China accusedHuman rights violationsespecially against the Uyghur minority in western Xinjiang.

President Xi’s third term, which goes against precedent, It does not bode well for human rights in China and around the world“, He said Xaqiu WangChinese researcher at Human Rights Watch.

The Chinese Communist Party, with 96.7 million members, is one of the world's largest political organizations (Reuters/Thomas Peter/File)
The Chinese Communist Party, with 96.7 million members, is one of the world’s largest political organizations (Reuters/Thomas Peter/File)

something for life?

The Communist Party of China, with 96.7 million members, is one of the largest political organizations in the world, but its internal mechanisms are opaque. Only observers can guess the future composition of the Standing Committee, whose members stand at the top of power in the country.

Since the 1990s, Politburo members have generally retired after two terms, but The re-election of Shi would break this tradition.

He said the choice of people who would surround Shi would be crucial. Steve TsangDirector of the China SOAS Institute. “I believe Xi will make sure to send a clear message that he will not succeed anyone who has been promoted to the Standing Committee at the 21st Congress,” he said.

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Your composition will not be revealed until the day after Congress ends.

If Xi, as expected, remains general secretary, his tenure for another term will be confirmed at the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress in March. Many observers predict that this will not be his last term. “Absolute uncertaintysaid the political scientist. Jean-Pierre Cabestan.

“But promoting Xi Jinping Thought, restoring the cult of personality, and the importance of his power at the heart of the party leadership, this evokes someone who will remain in power for a long time, perhaps for life.” added.

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