The Covid vaccine will follow Novak Djokovic around the world: what tournaments will he be able to play?

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Novak Djokovic Preparation for it began in 2022 without open day australia. The Serb arrived on Monday to BelgradeWhere he will remain isolated for several days, receiving the affection of his family. He doesn’t want to hear anything about what happened in the peripheral country, just focus on the future and find out where and how he will be able to play the rest of the season. The evolution of the pandemic is changing and with it the standards of politicians that now make it very difficult for him to be a normal year without a vaccination.

The player, taking into account his comments and the comments of his circle, will not change his opinion regarding his idea of ​​​​vaccination. The only option you have is to wait and be prepared to continue to be in shape at all times. Circumstances in countries can change, although what happened in Australia is a precedent that rulers embrace as true. Not a day has passed since he was removed from France Go the same way.

It should be noted that the two countries are in years when national elections are being held, and some sectors justify these actions as political for this reason. The problem with Djokovic is that all major tennis tournaments are held in countries that require special conditions, first affecting his unvaccinated state and then preparing to arrive in the best possible way.

A man takes a selfie with Novak Djokovic.


If Djokovic continues without changing his mind, the Serbian risks a season in which he pulls the blanks in the world’s biggest tournaments and his place as the world’s number one is in jeopardy. Although she has a great distance with Daniel Medvedev, his absence in Australia will suddenly throw 2,000 points and leave both the Russian and Alexander Zverev With options to beat him now if they win the Grand Slam tournament.

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ATP tag spaces

“The ATP continues to strongly recommend that all players be vaccinated,” the body stated after Australia’s decision with Djokovic. 97 of the world’s top 100 tennis players have had at least one dose of the vaccine and the highest level tennis player in the world will build any bridge in favor of those exemptions that could save Novak after what happened last week. At this point in the year, Novak could only play one Big bangs: Wimbledon.

Boris Johnson It was not entirely clear his position on the situation of Djokovic: “It is important that the Australian authorities make their own decisions. All I will say about the Djokovic case, by the way, I played tennis against him, well, that’s because I believe in vaccination and it’s a wonderful thing. Novak will be able to enter United kingdomHowever, they will have to self-quarantine for 10 days under current rules.

Djokovic wins Wimbledon.

Djokovic wins Wimbledon.

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the US Open Contested at the end of the season is the utopia at this time because vaccination is mandatory to enter the United States and exemptions are rare. In addition, three out of nine Master 1.000 (Indian wellsAnd Miami s Cincinnati), so he will be left practically without being able to play more than half of this year’s major tournaments. Djokovic holds a record number of titles in the top two, in a similar position to Australia.

France changed its version in a week. After Djokovic was deported, Roxana Maracignano It announced that it had amended the bill under which a certificate of compulsory vaccination would be issued for many activities of social life, including attending sporting events. This affects Roland Garros s Paris Percy, but maybe also Monte CarloWhich has not yet announced its health measures.

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Where can you play

It would be their first date after Australia. Later, he will go to Belgrade where he will play ATP 250 from the capital Serbia as preparation Madrid Masters 1,000. in a Spain You will be able to enter even though you have not been vaccinated because only negative PCR access is required.

Novak Djokovic, ATP Finals 2021

Novak Djokovic, ATP Finals 2021


In addition, you can also take advantage of the exceptions for “highly qualified workers whose work is essential and cannot be postponed or performed remotely, including participants in high-level sporting events taking place in Spain”. For his part, from Madrid, the mayor of the capital, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida I hope you can go.

Rome It will be the second championship on the circuit ATP Masters 1.000.000 Where you can now go too. In Italy, unvaccinated people can enter, having to take a PCR test every 48 hours and without being able to enter the championship club off the track.

There are more doubts regarding the condition Canada s Shanghai, because the first has not yet set the standards and the second has not been held for two years. They are two severely restricted countries with the pandemic, a prioriIt will also be difficult to go.

Djokovic faces a very complicated 2022 if restrictions continue with the unvaccinated. The Serbian could lose his position as world tennis king if he does not change his mind regarding vaccination. As he contemplates how to adapt his season, he will spend some time in his native Serbia to reflect on what has happened in recent weeks.

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