The country where they give you fines for owning a dirty car

Beyond the well-known and regular infractions around the world – speeding, respecting traffic lights, etc. – Some countries have in their regulations Some strange rules. For example, running out of gasoline in Germany may result in an economic penalty, and in Switzerland, washing a car at the door of the house is grounds for fines. Now, far from the case of Switzerland, in this country The opposite happens, and owning a dirty car can entail a severe economic penalty.

in Spain, According to the Traffic Law that came into force in 2022, traffic agents It can immobilize the car If it represents “deficiencies that constitute a road safety hazard”. Under this premise is that it is enabled Fines for drivers whose cars are dirty.

However, you have to break the regulations a bit and don’t be afraid; Having a little dirt or mud on the covers is not a reason for punishment and having some residue inside, neither is. Punishment comes, for example, Dirt prevents proper visibility. What does this mean? If dirt affects any of the car windows, it will endanger the safety of the driver, passengers, pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles. People who are found moving under these conditions, A fine of 80 EUR can be applied Plus, ask them to clean the windows right away.

Patents and glasses should always be clean; Otherwise, you may incur a traffic violation.shutterstock – shutterstock

On the other hand, there is another part of the car Can not contain dirt: patent. Once again, a clarification must be made: some dirt or dust will not irritate the traffic agent and will not lead to non-compliance with the norm. The problem is with the component that contaminates the sheet metal obstructs your vision.

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For example, if the atomizer in flight through the mud has reached the patent, and when it dries, it is partially hidden, Fine is due. In Spain, patent modifications are considered or hidden gross misconduct Because radars can’t pick them up quickly. For people who fall into this category, They will be fined starting at 200 euros.

Dirty sides and covers do not mean infringement
Dirty sides and covers do not mean infringement shutterstock – shutterstock

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