The Costa Esmeralda Festival generated approximately 70 million pesos for the local economy

*The hotel occupancy rate reached 96% and received more than 68 thousand visitors

Xalapa, Issue, September 5, 2023.- The results of the recently held Costa Esmeralda Festival confirm the essence of the cultural events organized by the State Government: family integration, restoring spaces of healthy coexistence for the general public and attracting tourism; This time, with 69 million 224 thousand pesos leaking into the local economy.

This was highlighted at a conference held by Governor Cuitlahuac García Jiménez and the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Ivan Francisco Martínez Olvera, celebrating the growth achieved by the festival year after year, thanks to various promotion strategies and the support of state and federal agencies. . .

Thus more than 68 thousand visitors arrived, most of them coming from Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Puebla, Hidalgo, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Veracruz, but also from countries such as Germany, the United States and Canada, which were already there in the national territory.

According to tourism file studies, 42.7 percent traveled with a group of friends, 30.7 with family, 23.3 with a couple, and 3.3 without company, while their average stay in the region was two nights, recording a hotel occupancy rate of 96 percent.

The public employee thanked the cooperation of 16 municipalities through folkloric ballet and craft performances, noting that there is a great demand for the events that exceeded 50 events, especially in concerts, the food pavilion, beach volleyball matches, and various tours in the country. Region.

Calm and order are made possible with the support of the Mexican Army, Navy, Navy, National Guard and the Ministries of Health, Civil Protection and Public Security, through the General Directorate of Transit, Civil Force and the Center for State Control, Command and Communications. And computing, as well as general coordination of social communication.

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The wonderful tales will remain in the memory of the Costa Esmeralda Festival 2023, but mainly the recognition given by Canadian families for the excellent organization.

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