The Cordoba Foundation won the silver medal

The Argentine passion for Alfajores reached its climax at the World Championship II Alfajor 2023, which was held at Hotel La Rural over the weekend. More than 40,000 people attended the event to sample and meet the best purveyors of this sweet delight.

During the closing ceremony of the competition, it was announced that the event’s grand winner was an artisan trio of sweets called “Quiero”, made in Campana, Buenos Aires Province. However, Cordoba also left its mark on the World Cup.

work called Brava pastries He took second place, winning the silver medal in the Best Alfajor Glass category, out of hundreds of competitors gathered in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The glazed alfajor from Brava Pastelería who won second place in the “Best Glazed Alfajor” category for the 2023 Alfajor World Cup. (Photo: Instagram @bravapasteleria.ok) reports that the pastry project is implemented by Juliana and Lucas, a local couple from León, a small town in the eastern province of Córdoba, in the province of Marcos Juarez.

The pair have performed three alphagores at the World Cup and one of them won the silver medal. “We present Alfajor Al Qurtubi who competed in the glass category, it was a very big competition with competitors from all over the world. We were happy to win the silver medal, which surprised us and made us very happy,” Juliana said in an interview with Channel 10.

As the woman explained, the alfajore is made with ingredients of regional origin, the filling is traditional dulce de leche from the region, and the appetizer is the traditional Cordovan alfajore.

It should be noted that in this edition of the Alfajor World Cup there were 15 categories in which competitors from all over the world participated, although the Argentine production won in almost all categories except one.

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