The complete list of mobile phones that will no longer receive WhatsApp updates

As the company announced long ago, WhatsApp will stop working on more than 40 mobile models Which will not receive updates from Monday, so millions of users may have to choose other devices.

Specifically, the older version of Android Who will continue to have WhatsApp support is 4.1, as long as the user can receive a call or SMS for the line verification process. This change also affects people who use iOS Apple 10 or earlier versions of the mobile operating system.

Users of computers that appear in the new “blacklist” will need to upgrade to a newer model with a supported operating system or “use a completely different messaging service.”

WhatsApp will stop working on phones from Samsung, Apple, and other brands.

This decision is not an anomaly, since sooner or later all applications will cease to be supported on devices with old versions of their operating systems.

The explanation is that Applications are updated regularly They require the operating system of the computers where they are running to do the same, in order to provide a stable experience in terms of security and performance.

full list

In total they 43 models Those who will not be able to use the application due to the announced change.

in catalog SamsungThe following models no longer support WhatsApp: Galaxy Trend Lite, Galaxy Trend II, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 mini, Galaxy Xcover 2, Galaxy Core and Galaxy Ace 2.
In the Apple world, the following are left without messenger updates: the first-generation iPhone SE, 6s, and 6s Plus, with iOS 10.

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LGThe company that announced this year that it will stop manufacturing smartphones, also has several models in this list: Lucid 2, Optimus F7, Optimus F5, Optimus L3 II Dual, Optimus F5, Optimus L5, Optimus L5 II, Optimus L5 Dual, Optimus L3 II, Optimus L7, Optimus L7 II Dual, Optimus L7 II, Optimus F6, Enact, Optimus L4 II Dual, Optimus F3, Optimus L4 II, Optimus L2 II, Optimus Nitro HD, 4X HD, Optimus F3Q.

In case Huawei, a company that was not so long ago in the top three among the largest sellers of mobile phones and has now fallen several places due to the sanctions imposed by the United States, and includes the following devices: Ascend G740, Ascend Mate, Ascend D Quad XL, Ascend D1 Quad XL, Ascend P1 S and Ascend D2.

The change in WhatsApp also affects the following mobile phones Other brands:

  • ZTE Grand S Flex
  • ZTE V956
  • ZTE Grand X Quad V987
  • ZTE Grand Memo
  • Sony Xperia Miro
  • Sony Xperia New L
  • Sony Xperia Arc S
  • Alcatel One Touch Evo 7
  • Archos 53 Platinum
  • HTC Desire 500
  • Caterpillar Cat B15
  • Wiko Sync Five
  • Wiko Dark Night
  • Lenovo A820
  • UMi X2
  • Turn on F1
  • THL W8

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