The College of Medicine is working on clinical simulation

The Argentine Diabetes Association inaugurated its Clinical Simulation Center, which was designed and tuned in coordination with the simulation team of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional del Nordest.

Simulation in health consists in placing the student in a context that imitates some aspect of reality and establishes, in that environment, situations or problems similar to those he would encounter with healthy or sick individuals, in an independent manner, during the various clinical practices of their specialty.”

With the slogan “Simulation for Action”, SAD opens a new educational portal that includes simulation technology, creating a paradigm shift in health team education, with unlimited potential.

Professor Alejandro Gorodner, who is in charge of the Clinical Simulation Board of Directors at the College of Medicine, noted that the technical and teaching team he heads at the College of Medicine have coordinated with the Board of Directors of SAD with its Chairman, Dr. Silvia Labertosa until this project is realized.

It also expresses its gratitude to the Dean, Prof. Germain Bagno and Rector Prof. Gerardo Larosa, for his commitment to higher education, in this case represented by Clinical Simulation, an innovative high-impact strategy that will generate an outstanding academic offer in education.

The simulation center will be accessible to all educational and academic activities of the community, and its aim is to stimulate learning through new innovative tools, which will allow students who are members of the health team to acquire skills, abilities and knowledge, prior to actual application. Communicating with the patient, thus enhancing the practice and performance of procedures, decreasing the possibility of errors and enhancing teamwork and safety of our patients.

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