The CIA has separated Cuba from the alleged acoustic attacks against US diplomats | This was Trump’s argument for imposing new sanctions on Havana

For the first time in more than five years, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) admitted that its complaints against Cuba of so-called “health incidents” against its diplomats in Havana, which led to other sanctions being imposed on the island. duty were not caused by a “deliberate attack”.

Johanna Tablada, deputy director general of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States, said the report issued by the CIA today on the events “confirms Cuba’s position.”

Tabaldeh explained that press reports citing a CIA security report “suggest that the health manifestations reported in 2016 cannot be attributed to a common cause, let alone a far-fetched hypothesis such as an intentional attack.”

He also noted that “on frequent occasions, Cuban scholars and experts have pointed to the political manipulation of these events and the lack of basis for theories linking them to sonic or microwave attacks.”

“Although the incidents were reported in many countries, the United States only took drastic measures against Cuba, which had a negative impact on the Cuban family,” he said.

The intelligence agency, often considered “evil” by the Cuban government, concluded that the so-called “sound attacks” allegedly occurred in 2016 in Havana were not “the result of a global campaign backed by a hostile power” to the United States. States.

According to official US government investigations revealed in 2017, the first cases reported in 2016 included nosebleeds, migraines, and nausea after exposure to piercing sounds. Hence the nickname “sound attacks”.

This issue, with enormous global repercussions, served as the basis for the United States to apply further sanctions against Cuba, including withdrawing consular procedures and visas for the country’s citizens in Havana. Consular diplomatic staff has also been almost completely withdrawn.

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It is also described as “Havana syndrome” process complexity
Visa petitions from Cubans wishing to travel to the United States as these procedures are transferred to embassies in other countries, a situation that still exists. The official estimated that these decisions are among measures to “weaken relations between the two countries,” the Italian news agency (ANSA) reported.

Transcripts published in the United States confirm that incidents with similar features to those in Havana occurred later in China, Germany, Australia, Russia, Austria, and also in Washington.

Although not only because of that incident, the “thaw” between Cuba and the United States promoted by then-President Barack Obama “froze” and disappeared.

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