The Chubut government opens a new call for curriculum improvement 2

The Chubut Provincial Government, through the Secretariat for Science, Technology, Productive Innovation and Culture (SCTIPyC) led by Mauro Carrasco, is opening the 2021 call for the Curriculum Improvement Program II (ProMec II), which aims to support and ensure the training of doctoral and postdoctoral applicants who are rejected by CONICET In order to strengthen their background and acquire new tools. The purpose of this call is to continue high-quality HR training policies for Chubut researchers.

Through the above-mentioned program, the Chubut provincial government proposes to promote the development of scientific, social and technological knowledge and to encourage the introduction of employment of researchers into the institutions of the region’s scientific and technological ecosystem.

The call will be open April 8-16, beginning May, and will be conducted online via the SCTIPyC call system, (http: // scteip-calls .tk /).

Applicants must submit, in addition to the action plan submitted to CONICET and the organism opinion, an activity plan in Word format (up to 3 pages) describing goals and potential outcomes.

This plan will be subject to the duration of the grant (12 months) and must include a discernment every two months for the activities to be performed. In contrast, the first objective of the proposed activities should be to improve the curriculum for the interested party, which is directly related to the opinion received from CONICET, in a way that leads to an improvement in their background. Likewise, SCTIPyC may add scientific and technological activities for short-term application depending on the needs of the province, such as publishing, training, linking, participation in projects, etc.

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