The Chronicle sci-fi movie will have a sequel with female heroines

Twentieth Century Studios It is working on a sequel to Chronicle, with a story that begins with the starring women After a decade of events From the original movie.

In statements to Forbes, reversed producer John Davis in his current roster of business, citing Chronicle D 2012 Como “One of the most financially successful films” of his career. Then confirm that the sequel to Thrilling science fiction The original story, as well as the plot, will revolve around a cast of female characters who… will be heroes “next generation” of those in power.

We are working on date 2 at the moment, I think it would be great.”Davis revealed. “It will give us the opportunity to tell the story in a different way. We will tell it from a female point of view. It’s been ten years since the event in SeattleAnd there will be a lot to deal with, with fake news, real news and cover-ups.”.

“The most interesting thing is that the next generation is the one who gets to get these corrupting powers.” He added giving more details about the plot of the sequel. “These are young women who have just gone to college, have been empowered and this is their journey. I mean, what an interesting new story you can tell there.”.

original movie It premiered in 2012 and starred Dane DeHaanMichael B Jordan Alex Russell Like three high school students who have developed amazing powers beyond their comprehension. The trio tried to take control of their abilities and use them to their advantage, but their lives began to lose control. His dark sides began to take over.

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Chronicle Raised $126.6 million worldwide, with a budget of only $12 million. Davis noted that the film was a hit after the release as well, increasing More of her success and opening the door to a potential sequel. Fox chose Max Landis to write the script for Chronicle 2 in 2012, but then left the project due to Fox wasn’t happy with the script.

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