The Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Canada is organizing a dinner in honor of Lionel Fernandez

The Chamber of Commerce and Tourism in Canada received Dr. Lionel Fernandez in the city of Montreal.

The meeting was attended by the Consul General of the United States in Montreal and the Ambassador of Mexico to Canada.

vice president Canada Collegeand the Legacies Institute and scores of Canadian entrepreneurs and investors.

During the meeting, Daniel Regalado. The President of the Chamber spoke in French and Spanish about the initiation of relations between Canada and the Dominican Republic. He explained the great importance of relations between the two countries and the strategic location of the country in relation to Canadian companies.

Dr. Leonel Fernandez spoke about the evolutionary process of the Dominican RepublicWhich began its development process after the establishment of democracy as a means to reach power, to become the seventh. region’s economy.

During the event, Dr. Fernandez received recognition from the Quebec Hispanic Heritage Foundation for his struggle in defense of the Constitution. Likewise, the Consul of the United States, Ana Escogrima, has received recognition from the Chamber of Commerce for being a source of pride for the Dominican diaspora.

The event was held at Para e Palo restaurant in Montreal.

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