The center of Hurricane Julia made landfall on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua while thousands of people were evacuated

Central America on alert before Tropical Cyclone Julia approaches

The US National Hurricane Center reported that the center of Hurricane Julia, a Category 1 with a speed of 140 km/h, made landfall on the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast near Laguna de las Perlas.

Satellite and radar data from Nicaragua indicate that Julia’s center has made landfall along the coast near Laguna de Nicaragua, at 07:15 GMT, with winds still blowing over land at 85 mph (140 km/h).

Tropical Storm Julia’s path threatens about 806,444 people in Nicaragua, which has already begun evacuating those “mostly vulnerable” to the impact, the National System for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Attention (Sinaprid) reported Saturday.

On the same Saturday, after the evacuations began, Cinapride issued an official decree “Yellow alert status throughout the national territory”Activating all institutions and emergency plans, creating transport and shelter conditions, and protecting the population at risk.

People at risk of the natural phenomenon live mainly between the city of Bluefields and the mouth of the Coco River, in Cabo Gracias a Dios, on the border with Honduras, a vast coastal area, followed by plains and forests, which cover about 300 km in front .. to the Caribbean Sea, according to a report Cinnaprid for Julia.

The authorities in Nicaragua hope to have 345 temporary shelters available to provide shelter for 68,896 people.lives in 166,047 homes located in 205 critical points, of which 174 are prone to flooding and 31 to landslides, according to official information.

They also hope to evacuate as many people at risk as possible by Saturday noon in the eastern part of the country, Misquito Cayes, the northern coast of the Southern Caribbean Autonomous Region, the southern coast of the Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region, the mouth of the Rio Grande, as well as In the municipalities of Bonanza, Prinzapolka, Siona and Rosetta.

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The Nicaraguan Navy has halted sailing to the Caribbean since Friday, and has directed ships sailing to seek safe haven.

Cinnaprid also predicted possible flooding in the provinces(s). Chinandega (Northwest), Ginotega (North), Matagalpa (North), Nueva Segovia (North) and Rivas (Southeast).

Tracking Tropical Storm Julia
Tracking Tropical Storm Julia

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported that Julia was moving this morning over the Caribbean Sea, north of Colombia, at 33 kph, heading west, in the direction of Nicaragua, where it could hit between Saturday. At night and the early hours of Sunday.

According to NHC, Julia developed maximum winds of 95 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts extending up to 185 kilometers from its center.

The Nicaraguan Institute of Regional Studies (Ineter) for its part noted that in the early hours of Saturday, Julia was located about 550 kilometers east of Nicaragua, moving at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour and a maximum sustained wind of 95 kilometers. per hour.

Inter said, who expects Julia to affect Laguna de Perlas, a paradisiacal municipality located on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, and immediately downgraded to a tropical storm.

Despite Julia losing strength once on land, Inter warned that the rains “will cause floods and landslides in mountainous areas”.

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