The candidate of the Maduro regime conceded his electoral defeat in Barinas, the fief of Hugo Chavez: “We did not achieve the goal”

The official candidate for the Interior of Barinas, Jorge Arreaza,

Venezuelan Socialist Party (Psuv) candidate, Jorge Ariza, conceded his electoral defeat in the state of Barinas, the birthplace of former President Hugo Chávez., which has been under the control of the Chavez family for more than 20 years,

“Dear Barinas. The information we receive from our PSUV structures indicates that despite the increased rating, we did not achieve the goal. I heartily thank our heroic struggle. We will continue to protect the people of Barnes in all areas.”Said the former foreign minister of Chavista, acknowledging his defeat.

Ariza expected the official confirmation of the results by the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE), the entity responsible for managing elections in the Caribbean nation.

This election marks a milestone in the Venezuelan political scene, as Barinas has been under Chavismo’s control since 1998, when Hugo Chávez became president. Since then, the government of the entity has been occupied by relatives of the former president, and it was the first time in more than 20 years that Chavismo suffered a major setback in that region.

However, on November 21, 2021, when regional and municipal elections were held across the country, opposition candidate Freddy Suberlano declared himself the winner of the elections in Barinas after confronting the governor and Hugo Chávez’s brother, Argenes Chávez.

By that time, the result was too close and the authorities of the National Electoral Council decided to cancel the elections and open a judicial process against the opposition candidate, leaving him unable to participate in public office. That’s why the election was rerun on Sunday. However, Chavismo did not get much luck and again ended up in defeat.

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Everything indicates that the opposition candidate, Sergio Garrido, imitated the opposition’s victory on November 21 for original candidate Freddy Soberlano.

Opposition candidate Sergio Garrido
Opposition candidate Sergio Garrido

“We will get the same result on 21, but much more strongly,” said Garrido, 54, who emerged as an emergency option after the exclusion of Superlano, his wife and another possible candidate. “The level of participation is much higher,” he stressed.

For his part, the President in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, left a message on his Twitter account, in which he predicted a new victory for the opposition, in Chavez’s native state.

“Linda Barinas, where it began, it ends. United we will defend the will of a strong majority that will not and will not surrender until we see democracy in Venezuela again”Guaidó posted on his networks.

About 25,000 security personnel, including 15,000 soldiers, are guarding the elections in Barinas, the winner of which will be announced at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council in Caracas.

Without giving more details, Garrido denounced the arrest of party activists in the town of Barrancas.

Chavez defeat

Adam with his brother Hugo Chavez
Adam with his brother Hugo Chavez

The dynasty began with his father, Hugo de los Reyes (1998-2008), and continued with his brothers Adan (2008-2016) and Argenis (2017-2021), who had hoped to be re-elected, but resigned after the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) ordered a re-election when Superlano led the charges.

The court claimed that Superlano, who received 37.6% of the vote compared to 37.21% for Arginis Chavez, was disqualified due to judicial investigations.

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“The opposition won and they did not like it, because they have to continue their dominance and their dynasty,” he said. France Press agency Nelson Lyon, a 68-year-old retired music teacher, voted in the central part of the capital.

The Venezuelan Socialist United Party (PSUV) used all its power for this election, with the help of Nicolás Maduro’s regime. “We will win with the immortal spirit of Leader Chavez!” the dictator wrote on Twitter.

Roberto Bacon, one of the mayors of the English National Council, denounced the advantage of the ruling power. “The monitoring and sanctions mechanisms available to the National Electoral Council are insufficient to control a coordinated action by the state, in an electoral campaign, like the one demonstrated in Barinas,” Bacon said on Twitter.

Garrido says there has been a “use and abuse” of public resources.

For its part, Juan Guaido’s provisional government celebrated Chavismo’s defeat in Barinas and sent through a statement its congratulations to Garrido, Sperlano and all Barin’s for participating in the elections in which they managed to seize power from the Republic of Barinas. Psuv in the agricultural area.

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