The Biological Legacy of Rosalind Franklin

unknown to many Rosalind Franklin was a brilliant scientist who left humanity one of the most amazing discoveries. By their X-ray images, the structure of the deoxyribonucleic acid can be determined. He penetrated to the core of biological matter and discovered the basic structure of the life molecule.

Rosalind Franklin is the author of the most famous picture in the history of science, which led to this discovery. The original is kept as a relic in the King’s College Archives, a university institution in London.

This image, known as “image 51,” was a key piece of decoding the molecule that transmits genetic information in living organisms. When he was 31, in 1952, he posted that photo with the help of doctoral student Raymond Gosling.

Rosalind Franklin: A Woman of Amazing Intelligence

The Extraordinary World was born in 1920. From an early age, she showed extraordinary wisdom and intelligence. It has always been very logical, very accurate, and requires scientific proof to accept a confirmation or belief.

He holds a PhD in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. In the lab, his passion was delving into the physical structure of molecules. Knowing the essence of each element was its goal. In 1951 she began working as an expert in X-ray crystallography at King’s College University.

Crystallography application in addition to the famous image, He obtained accurate observations and measurements that would be crucial to science. One of these basic definitions was the discovery that DNA consists of two equal and complementary parts. He also detailed the repeating distances of the elements in the molecule.

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disqualification due to gender

Her outstanding intelligence and amazing jobs didn’t make things easy for her in a world where women were looked down upon.. Rosalind always complained that she was not allowed access to the communal coffee and break room in the university department, because she was a woman.

Why was this important to her? Because it was in that space where research colleagues met and business topics were discussed in coffee conversations in an informal way. She was excluded from it all.

Stealing the history of science

Rosalind Franklin’s discoveries were the key missing pieces for James Watson and his collaborators to build the first plausible model of the structure of the DNA molecule.

Watson and Crick took responsibility for Rosalind’s contributions and their findings were published in Nature in 1953.. Rosalind Franklin’s intervention is not mentioned in the article at all. She died at the age of 37 without knowing how much her colleagues’ work depended on her research.

Rosalind was never awarded a Nobel Prize, although it should have been included in the award given to Watson, Crick and Wilkins for their research in DNA. Women have made transcendent contributions to the history of science. Rosalind Franklin is an example.

If you are interested in the topic, you can do your own research on this great scientist and other related women. Publicizing the work of this distinguished scientific woman is part of the responsibility of the citizens.

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