The best Spanish series in history, according to series fans around the world

Spanish imagination witnesses a golden moment. Our a series They have become fashionable all over the world. The platforms have taken our products to countries we never thought they could reach. They win prizes, sweep the crowd out, and even become popular phenomena. But none of them Best Spanish series of seriephiles around the planet? Have they seen her in Netflix, It will be on HBO Or will it be a smaller and older series?

This is what the “Rave Reviews” portal wanted to discover, a page dedicated to recommendations for any product (from toaster to cultural product). They took all the fairy tales from the largest database of movies and series in history. IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and I calculated and averaged all user voices around the world to find out which series produced in each country are favorites.

There are very predictable results. Most Valuable in Mexico (by all viewers of the world, it must be remembered) Narcos: Mexico With an 8.4 out of 10, while in Canada they are betting on a classic example X file, Which comes to 8.7. The fighting is fierce in the United States, but it is being imposed Too bad, Series Vince Gilligan With a score of 9.5 out of 10, it is one of the highest in the world.

Map with all strings selected in each country.

What is happening in Spain?

Well, the victory is simple, because it belongs to the biggest global phenomenon our television has seen. Stealing money Victory takes note of 8.6. Imagination that was created by Alex Pina Thanks to Netflix, it has become an international, stratospheric success. While we wait for your new season to arrive, you can enjoy all of its predecessors on the platform. It’s one of the biggest successes of a non-English speaking series in history … and it shows.

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So is Europe

We see few things known thanks to the fact that we were able to enjoy them in Spain in different options from flow. It is winning in France ghosts, With 8.2 out of 10; Whereas in the UK the world decided to promote Sherlock With a 9.1 out of 10. Danish Imagination sees how IMDb users prefer it the killAnd in Italy they reside with them Gomorrah.

Oddly enough, the power of Netflix has reached every corner. You just have to look at what is happening in many countries, as what happened in Spain is repeated with them Stealing money. This is the state of Germany, which has it dark Most voted with 8.7. In Israel, the Chosen One is another fiction that we know from the catwalkAnd the Schitzel.

This serial trip also serves to realize that imagination is dominated by Europe and America. Very few novels from Asia and Africa are known to users around the world. These are industries to explore, not currently taking advantage of the platforms. In fact, one of the few films that has succeeded is the South Korean novel. Master SunshineAnd the It appears to be voted most in its country thanks to the fact that it is distributed internationally by Netflix. A map that serves to awaken the curiosity of the series seriéfilo, and also as evidence that the series has become one of the most consumed cultural products in recent years.


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