The Best of 2021 Laszlo Rojas

Here I will list my favorite movies and series of 2021. I include all the movies I’ve seen in the year, whether released or from past decades that I’ve been hanging on, and I’ve seen almost all of them on stream (the only movies on my list I saw in multi-cinema were Cry Macho and The French Dispatch). I will refer to the platform, festival, or medium where you watched each movie or series, trying to list them in order of preference.

Peruvian films

I’ll wait here until I hear my name (2021) Hector Galvez – Festival de Lima
Of all the things you need to know (2021), by Sofia Velasquez – Olima Film Week
LXI (2021), by Rodrigo Moreno del Valle – Festival de Lima
Hatton Baksha, healthy land (2021), by Delia Ackermann – Festival de Lima
uterotics (2021), by Andrea Hoyos – Festival de Lima

Movies from all over the world

driving my car (Japan, 2021), De Ryosuke Hamaguchi – Toronto Festival
Madison County Bridges (USA, 1995), by Clint Eastwood – HBO Max

Bergmann Island (Francia-Suecia, 2021), by Mia Hansen-Løve – Stremio
little mom (France, 2021), by Céline Sciama – Olima Film Week
Mr. Bachmann and his team (Alemania, 2021), de Maria Speth – DOC NYC
three (Spain, 2021), directed by Juango Jimenez Peña – Toronto Film Festival
dog power (UK and New Zealand, 2021), by Jane Campion – Netflix
cop movie (Mexico, 2021), by Alonso Ruizpalacios – Festival de Lima
night of fire (Mexico, 2021), written by Tatiana Huizu – Festival de Lima
Bo Burnham: Inside (EEUU, 2021) – Netflix
Luca (USA, 2021), by Enrico Casarosa – Disney+
There is no way – There is no way (Netherlands, 2021), by Heidi Honigmann – Festival de Lima
run away (Denmark, 2021), by Jonas Boeher Rasmussen – DOC NYC
the father (UK, 2020), by Florian Zeller – Stremio
Wolf Walkers (Ireland, 2020), by Tom Moore and Ross Stewart – Stremio
threatened (USA, 2020), by Lee Isaac Chung – Stremio
collective (Romania, 2019), by Alexandre Nanao-Stremio
the hunt (Denmark, 2012), by Thomas Venterberg – Stremio

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wheel of fortune and fantasy (2021), de Ryusuke Hamaguchi – Semana del Cine ULima
The things we say, the things we do (2021), by Emmanuel Moret – Olima Film Week
Who prevents her? (2021), by Jonás Trueba – Mar del Plata Festival
The last duel (2021), Dee Ridley Scott – Stremio
The dog that doesn’t shut up (2021), by Anna Katz – Lima Festival
Big step (2021), by Kiro Rosso – Valdivia Festival
the only ones (2021) by Hong Sung-eun – Toronto Festival
Arthur Rambo (2021), Laurent Cantet – Toronto Film Festival
Rescue (2021), Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin – Toronto Film Festival
green knight (2021), D. David Lowry – Stremio
macho cry (2021), by Clint Eastwood – Cinerama Pacifico
French Dispatch (2021), by Wes Anderson – Cinerama El Pacifico
mother sweat (2021), de Matteo Tortone – Festival Scope
Boarding (2021), de Jessica Kingdon – DOC NYC
Mitchells vs. Machines (2021), De Michael Ryanda – Netflix
summer of the soul (2021), de Ahmir-Khalib Thompson aka. Questlove – Star +
One second (2020), de Zhang Yimou – Toronto Festival
Bedouin (2020), by Chloe Chow – Stremio
Siamese (2020) Paula Hernandez – Festival de Lima
after love (2020) By Alim Khan – Olima Film Week
the mole (2020), Posted by Mads Brueger – DOC NYC
souvenir (2019), De Joanna Hogg – Netflix
the wind rises (2013), Di Hayao Miyazaki – Netflix
24 cities (2008), D. Jia Zangqi – Moby
Forgive everything (2007), De Mia Hansen Love – Moby
perfect world (1993), De Clint Eastwood – HBO Max

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Best series

Succession – HBO Max
Ted Lasso – AppleTV +
Only the murders in the building – star +
New York City Centers 9/11-2021½ – HBO Max
squid game – Netflix
Yellowstone Paramount +
non-human resources – Netflix

“Succession”, created by Jesse Armstrong.

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