The best note in video game history needed only two words to be creative – Resident Evil

The itch has never been so terrifying as the one reported by the caretaker in Resident Evil. Perfect design in 1998 and today.

They seem to belong to another time with so many cinematic titles, but we still have many instances of video games choosing to make us read notes to understand more about the world we’re immersed in. And whoever says note, he says audio recordings, encyclopedias, documentary books, or glossaries directly. It’s a simple way to add collectibles which can also contain Essential narrative addition in the form of short stories.

But there is Some notes that have a special place in the history of video games. There are Ish notes in The Last of Us, or the amazing moment when Alan Wake read a note, curiously, Alan Wake read the same note. However, if we have to stay with one note, we may have to move on Spencer mansion; Specifically to the caretaker’s room in the west wing of the first floor.

Such is the effect that that same note, already present in the first game from 1998, is the emblem of the Resident Evil saga. Through ten sections, telling what happened during at least 10 days of the caregiver’s life, we’re told a little horror story that sums up the whole story. We are talking about the caregiver’s diary.

document of a few pages

The room where this document is actually located is itself a declaration of intent. As we say, it is located in the western part of the first floor of the mansion, a fairly early area in the development of Resident Evil. In addition to being used to get ammo, and a few other things in the 2002 remake, the room was used to give you one of the first big scares in the title.

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This is because after reading the magazine, the back locker will open and zombies will come out of it. That’s really powerful, but the really interesting thing is that After taking a look at the doc, you will know very well who he isor rather, whoever it was, that corpse was brought back to life.

The caregiver’s diary contains several entries. It begins casually on May 9, 1998 with a poker story, and the tenth already gives us a reason to think about what’s really going on there: “Today a high-ranking detective asked me to take charge of a new beast. It’s like a gorilla but without skin. They told me to give them raw meat.” I threw a pig to them and they played with it… they tore off its legs and took it away before eating.”

This text predicts the existence of research facilities, which we will learn about later, and those of the alpha hunter, some powerful monsters born from T virus This is what we will soon be fighting against. If we go to the third entry, we will be told directly about the laboratory, as well as the use of protective suits due to the outbreak.

The charge d’affaires felt “itchy”

At no point are we told about the moment the caretaker suffers the wound that triggers the transformation into the zombie we all see coming, but there are very specific details to it. It all starts to itch It may be because of the hazmat suit they force him to wear, but on 12, 13, and 14 they continue to insist on this specific issue.

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Everything changes on the 15th, when fascism is determined more than it is determined and The palace will be abandoned to its fate It is said, “Although I wasn’t feeling well, I decided to go and see Nancy. It’s my first day off in a long time.”
But the guard at the gate stopped me. They say the company gave orders that no one should go out. I can’t even make a call. What kind of joke is this?! “

And in the notes of the 16th day is the last time we will be able to read the caretaker with a clear mind. Because yes, here comes the most obvious point of the shift: “I heard they killed a researcher who tried to flee last night. My whole body is burning and at night it itches. As I was scratching my arm, I fell off a piece of flesh. What the hell is happening to me?”

Then there are two entries in the caretaker’s diary, which are the most disturbing. The first, dated May 19, already limits the use of complex language by the person and indicates that he has begun to eat human flesh: “The fever is no longer, but it itches. Hungry and eat dog food. Pica Pica Scott came. Ugly, kill.” rich.

And so we come to the latest diary entry for the Caretaker, who has forever been within the Resident Evil franchise. Two words are enough: “Pica. Rico.” , or in English also: itchy tasting. The use of this note is ingenious since it quickly explains what’s going on in the mansion, how the virus and mutation work, what’s going to happen, and also acts as a liaison with jumpscare.

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This is how history was created in video games. The use of the document is ingenious, plus it has given rise to community creations such as live action shorts, and became a catchphrase for fans of the saga. Because yes, two words were enough to strike fear into our bodies: Delicious itch.

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