The best competitions in the world of motorcycling

All you need to know about the world of motorcycles

The world of motorcycles is one of those that have managed to transport millions of people, making it one of the most important sectors of entertainment globally.

The main competition in the world of motorcycling and one of the main ones in Formula 1 is MotoGP competitions What do they do? Motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world flock to the tracks To see your favorite pilots.

Motorcycling is a sport that unleashes emotions

there are many The elements that make this sport have a lot of followers. Some factors such as the roar of the engines, the smoke from the track itself, and also those lightning strikes.

Motorcycling is more than just a sport. In this article we are going to review the best competitions that exist in the motorcycle world today.

MotoGP World Championship, MotoGP World Championship

This competition is currently called MotoGP and is the most important in the world. It is organized by International Motorcycle Federation And it has three categories, MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3.

The origins go back to 1949, when motorcycles started to get more popular. In the early years there were classes of 50, 80, 125, 250, 350, 500 and 750 cc for motorcycles and 350 and 500 cc for sidecars.

The competition gradually evolved from its origin until it reached the race we know today She has managed to concentrate some of the most important talents to keep fans of the sport entertained.

The most important changes occurred in the 70s, when two-stroke engines began to appear, which completely got rid of four-stroke engines.

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1990 was the year the sidecars were no longer involved, leaving only the 125, 250 and 500 cc. In Spain the famous pilot Angel’s grandsonthat he was the first Spaniard to win the 50cc and that he had won 12 world championships plus 1 as he used to say.

World Superbike

Motorcycle enthusiasts own the SBK, short for Superbike World Championship, a championship organized by the International Motorcycle Federation. It was founded in 1988, many years after the opening of the World Cup. Moto GP. It differs from this in that SBK has superbikes in its races, which are A class of motorcycles that gets more speed than street bikes.

These bikes also participate in the World Endurance Championship and are derived from the stock bikes that we can see on the street, being cheaper and being modified to achieve higher speeds. The most popular motorcycles in this competition are four-strokes and the number of cylinders can vary.

There are quite a few MotoGP riders who compete in the Superbike World Championship, although the countries with the largest following are currently Italy and the United Kingdom, who have been faithful to this category of motorcycles for many years.

World Enduro Championship, a great challenge because of its toughness

One of the most exciting motorcycle competitions is the World Enduro Championship, because It happens on dirt and mud roads. It is performed in the open field and the word enduro comes from an English word used to talk about resistance, which is an essential component of participating in it. It has three categories, E1, E2, and E3, in addition to having special categories such as junior and female.

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It has been held since 1990 and was created by pressure from many motorcyclists to compete in the open field. There are 16 races that take place in two days.
This competition is also held by the International Motorcycle Federation and is very popular among motorcycle enthusiasts.

The World Championship continues to progress each year, and even in times of a pandemic, the Flyers have continued with the same passion and desire to compete. Now, as soon as this difficult situation for the whole world is over, the competitions are again filled with spectators who live with emotion and it is a sport that is still one of the most enthusiastic in the motoring world.

So you already know, There are more competitions than MotoGP, and it is undoubtedly the most popular, But there are enough options to be able to have a great time watching motorbike racing.

The keys to their success are that they are highly competitive, something that probably doesn’t happen very often in Formula 1, as there usually aren’t many alternatives in a race.

In our country MotoGP is very well known and has a great following, but there are other competitions that we talked about that are still less known and that are really amazing, such as the SuperBike World Championship or the Enduro. It wouldn’t be through the options to choose, right?

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