The best cities for work and life, where you can travel to obtain a residence permit through investment

London, New York and Sydney took the top three places.

London has become the best city for work and life, because it gives a residence permit for investment / photo REUTERS

It has been rated as the best cities for work and life in countries with existing investment residence permit programs (GNP).

The index was published by Henley & Partners in association with Deep Knowledge Analytics.

Top 10 cities for work and life

1 – London (UK)

2- Nueva York (EE. UU.)

3- Sydney (Australia)

4 – Singapore

5- Zurich (Switzerland)

6- Los Angeles (USA)

7- Barcelona (Spain)

8- Hong Kong (China)

9- Vienna (Austria)

10- Toronto (Canada)

The report stated that “the five largest cities, London, New York, Sydney, Singapore and Zurich, indicate a wide geographic range of investment programs available for residence. The highest scores in education, security and stability.”

The Best Cities for Business and Life with Existing Programs

Best Cities for Business and Life with Existing Programs “Residence Permit by Investment”

In all, the study evaluated 25 cities from 24 countries (two US cities), which are struggling to attract international capital and talent for economic recovery or development. With this tool, multinational corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, business owners and professionals can choose the best place to locate their headquarters, managers, employees and families in today’s and post-pandemic world.

Read alsoDespite mass vaccination, International Travel Limited – a new passport index . is stillGovernment investment residence permit programs operate in 24 countries. The residence permit can be temporary or permanent. The residence permit provides the opportunity to visit, for temporary or permanent residence in the territory of the country that issued the residence permit. Obtaining a residence permit does not require the initial renunciation of citizenship.

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As reported by UNIAN, the regulation of Residence Permit Programs (GNP) by Investments in 2020 was led by Austria and Portugal.

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