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Cardio exercise is one of the main options when considering a fat loss routine at the gym or at home.

Whether you are in the gym or at home, you can get plenty of cardio and you will get the best workout with the right machines. In our selection of recommendations, there are not only exercises that are performed with the accompaniment of machines, but also alternatives that are performed without accessories or items.

One of my favorite exercises to keep fit at home. It is a full-body exercise that, if done correctly, ensures that you lose body fat and tone your muscles. Remember that each time you do a repetition, your chest should touch the floor. In this way, paying attention to technique, we will obtain a complete work of every joint and muscle involved.

stationary bike
Stationary bikes are one of the most popular cardio exercises. You can lose weight and strengthen the lower and upper muscles.

Cardio push-ups
Push-ups are exercises that combine strength training with a bit of cardio. This is an excellent exercise for gaining speed and intensity, with an emphasis on correct technique to add speed and improve results. By alternating the width of the hands we can activate the triceps and the pectoral region at will.

Bodybuilding machines
When considering a more intense workout, you can use weight training machines at the gym or opt for a home-friendly model.

Skip the cardio routine
Another interesting cardio suggestion is jumping, which is a very popular running style among athletics. The exercise consists of raising the knee above the waist and running in place or forward. It is a pure cardiovascular exercise that can be done comfortably at home or anywhere. It is a good exercise for warming up and activating muscle groups before a more intense session of physical work.

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