‘The Batman’: When will the movie be available on air?

“Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell and Andy Serkis, is in theaters this week. The movie is directed by Matt Reeveswill tell the story of a bat detective in his early years as a night watchman, with a touch more realistic, darker, and devious.

A movie that will strive to be a box office hit and is positioned to be one of the most remembered Batman movies. The film’s latest box office estimates indicate that “Batman“It would be a successful weekend, at over $100 million, only in the United States.

With such a completely positive view of the film, many fans want to watch it again and again, after finishing his job in theaters. Can it be seen on any streaming platform? And if so, when will they be able to see it? Here is the answer.

Where do you see the movie “Batman”?

Batman It will be shown in theaters for several weeks. under contract Warner Bros.Movies released by this movie house must wait 45 days to be available via flow.

Unlike last year, as happened with “Sand dunes “ or “The Matrix Revival Released simultaneously in theaters and through the broadcast platform hbo max in some countries, “Batman” It will not be released this way. Last year, Warner Bros.And the Due to the low box office and the measures taken by COVID-19, he had to release his films simultaneously with the platform in some countries of the world.

This year, under a clause with the aforementioned platform and as in Latin America, Warner Bros. films will be available. that was released in theaters 45 days later in a catalog hbo max. “Batman It will be part of this catalog and will arrive on April 19, 2022 on said platform.

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It should be noted that “BatmanIt will be available for purchase or rental online on digital platforms such as Prime Video, Google Play and iTunes.

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