The Basque Government supports the Social Communication in Science project of the Eucampus Foundation – Spain, with an amount of 160 thousand euros

The Basque Government Council approved on Tuesday a direct financial assistance of €160,000 to the Euscapus Foundation for the implementation of the project “Social Communication in Science as a Hub/Zientziaren Gezarte-Komunikaziwa Ardatz”, an initiative aimed at promoting social knowledge of science.

The executive authority explained that this project aims to develop social participation, that is, to enhance the processes of socialization of issues related to science. “Social Communication in Science as a Hub” seeks to bring science to as many people as possible.

He defended this by saying: “In this way, by expanding knowledge to a larger part of society, scientific content will be transmitted, which will have a positive impact on the scientific education of society.”

Socialization processes to spread knowledge will open up specific data among the population which may be their own topic or limited to a few specialized people.

Developed by the Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCCI) of the Euskampus Foundation, this program has three ways of working: generating tools for communicating science from a gender perspective, disseminating scientific and technological knowledge through online publishing tools, and disseminating scientific and technological knowledge via the Internet. Design strategies and support materials for use in primary and first cycle secondary education settings.

The Euskampus Foundation is an entity created by Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU), Tecnalia Corporación Tecnológica, and the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC).

From its creation in 2011 until now, new private entities have joined the Euskampus Fundazioa Board of Trustees, such as Grupo Ormazabal-Velatia, CAF and Kutxabank, as well as the Basque Science Foundation Ikerbasque. Purdue University also serves on its Board of Trustees.

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In this way, the public, private and international character of the Euskampus and Euskampus Fundazioa compilations is strengthened. Through its Scientific Culture Unit, since its establishment, it has been carrying out dissemination and dissemination work on the research activity carried out in Euskadi.

This activity was strengthened in 2021 by the signing of a cooperation agreement between Oscampus and the Basque Government, which includes among other objectives the promotion, encouragement, implementation and dissemination of all types of activities related to the social advancement of the Basque Country. Technology, arts and humanities, especially in collaboration with other institutions.

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