The bar's balcony railing collapsed, killing at least two people

What was supposed to be a night of fun Bar from Mexico It ended in tragedy when the balcony railing collapsed and caused…At least two young men died Who were there to see a concert, but ended up missing out Falling into the void From the third floor.

The tragic episode that also left About 15 wounded, some seriouslyIt happened on Friday night at the Rich bar located in the Plaza Alttus shopping centre San Luis PotosiWhere Corridos Tumbados singers were scheduled to perform Kevin MorenoKnown as Kevin AMF on social media, where he has more than three million followers.

but, The show didn't happen Because the fence made room for a group of young men He fell from a height of more than 12 metres. The event was captured in a video that went viral on social media and was shocking just to see.

Although local media confirmed that there were three deaths, the San Luis Potosi State Attorney's Office (FGESLP) confirmed only two cases, while opening an investigation to find out the causes of the collapse of the third floor of the facility located on Avenida Street. Sierra Leone's capital, Potosi.

According to what was officially reported, “the bodies of the deceased have been removed for transfer to the medico-legal service (Semeli), where autopsies will be performed in accordance with the law.”

The young men fell from the third floor of the San Luis Potosi shopping center in Mexico, after the balcony railing collapsed.

Furthermore, Delgadillo explained, “the constant and uncontrolled presence of people attending this event caused one of the railings on the third floor to give way to pressure and caused this tragedy.”

After the fall of Al-Shabab, many people rushed to provide assistance to the victims. Some of those who fell even got up and went out on their own, but others remained lying on the ground.

Statement by Kevin Moreno

Kevin Moreno's entourage issued an official statement expressing his “deep sadness and dismay” over this tragic incident and sending his “deepest condolences to the families and friends” of the victims.

“It pains us deeply to know that some of our dear followers, who are an essential part of our community, have been affected by this unfortunate and sensitive event. No words can ease the emptiness “Their absence has left them devastated, but we want them to know that we share their pain and are here to support them.”

The statement issued by those around Kevin AMF, the Corridos Tumbados singer who had held a concert in the bar in Mexico where the tragedy occurred.

For this part, Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona He stressed on his networks that “San Luis Potosi is in a state of mourning over the horrific incident,” and added that “through the State Committee for Victim Care, legal and economic support will be provided to those affected by this tragedy.”

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