The authors of Dragon Quest 2 were too busy to pass it on

In a 1989 interview, the creators admitted that they could not finish the game during development.

Dragon Adventure It’s a mandatory privilege for practically everything RPG lover. The thing that led the most powerful people to this epic to finish their connections more than once, which is not a strange phenomenon that happened. during development from Dragon Quest 2: The authors were so busy polishing the game that they had no free time Enjoy your free time.

No one in the development team has finished the gameKoichi NakamuraConfession made there 1989, after the official launch of the game in miscellaneous, in an interview with Yuji Horii and Koichi Nakamura, the creators of Dragon Quest 2. As the user recalls Austin KingIt turns out that the developers of the title were surprised Last day of development: “On the day the final version was ready to go into production, I was shocked to learn that no one in the development team had completed the game. I was terrified!”

Of course, taking into account the opinions of time, this tale explains some of the Negative points From Dragon Quest 2. Something told by the same creators during the above interview that the game in that sense had some parts where the “content was little rarity‘, something that stands out even more after the player boards the boat to travel.

Therefore, it is clear that the development of Dragon Quest 2 generated so much work for the developers that they unconsciously focused all their efforts on the technical part of the game, which left us A funny story to remember. Fortunately, the franchise makers ended up giving due importance to the fact of playing their own game, which not only gave us Re-release of the first dragon missions employment modern keyboards, but also followed by deliveries, with another Dragon Quest XI, conquered the hearts of RPG fans.

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