The Atletico Madrid legend who was Independiente’s executioner and still regrets the unauthorized goal that could have changed the history of the World Cup

Adelardo Rodriguez is the legend of Atletico Madrid

With a tuxedo, a lasting smile and a great memory, Adelardo Rodriguez Sit in one of the rooms Wanda Metropolitan Open the memory box. It is part of the great history of Atletico Madrid. During his days in mattress hiring Register for the most shows with Jersey the one with white hair With 585 matches, who marked it 115 goals.

During his glorious stage he happened 3 Leagues and 5 copies of the King’s Cup, the Intercontinental Cup and the European Cup Winners’ Cup.. In other words, of the club’s 8 international victories in its track record, 2 were during the reign of the former midfielder who led the Iberian establishment to the top of the world.

The state of the Spanish team is striking, given that in 1975 Final play Intercontinental Opposite does not depend on Because of Bayern Munich He declined to participate in the competition to prioritize other commitments in his calendar.

The Atletico Madrid I made it to the final European Cup (current European Champions League) after beating Celtic in it Vicente Calderon. “I was fortunate enough to score a lot of goals despite playing in midfield. Today I can’t remember them all, but the thing I consider the most important is the one I identified for the Scots. Not because she was the prettiest, but because I see her as the most important. We came from playing a game very strange Glasgow (0-0) and we felt compelled to win at home. I had to define the second, which we call The calm goal that allowed us to reach the final.”.

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Despite the painful fall against Bayern Munich from Franz Beckenbach s Gerd MullerThe April 10 from that year Adelardo Rodriguez Came to me double condom as a leader of mattress To face the first duel against redwhich ended in a local victory 1 to 0 Thanks to everyone Agustin Balbuena. And in revenge in Vicente Calderon Iberian feat who deposited yeti At the gates of Olympus “we managed to win 2 to 0 against a great team. Since I was very obedient and always did what the coach told me to do, During the match in Madrid, I had to beat Puccini. I remember when the final was over, Ricciardo came and told me”Chi Kid, you haven’t let me hold the ball for a while‘Slip Adelardo in conversation with InfobaeAnd With a sound memory and full of pride.

1974 Intercontinental Cup Final

Immediately the international legend recounted this clash with creole who accompanied him in the act. “It was a game that cost us a lot and fortunately we were able to win it thanks to the work we did with (Robin). Ayala(Ramon) Heredia And the rest of my buddies. It was similar to the time Jorge arrived. griffwho did great things at the club. With all of them, we made a great friendship“.

His relationship with South America spanned throughout his career. With Alfredo DiStefanoidol meringueShe also had an unusual relationship despite the rivalry. “At the start of every season, we looked at the calendar and saw when it was our turn to face real madridAnd they did the same. He told me that Atlético was one of his most worried opponents. Certainly it was because in that time we were able to win two trophies at their stadium. Alfredo told meYou always annoy usSince then, the derby has been recorded as one of the most important matches of the year“, It is to explain.

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The tutu Lawrence He was one of the other Argentines who distinguished him in his life. fetish mouth He was his coach mattress, But he also faced it during world Cup from 1966. “I had a great relationship with him and I remember In the changing rooms they come with huge machines to play music. We always played an anthem Long live Spainbetween laughs.

The amazing thing is that four years before the competition held in the United Kingdom Adelardo Rodriguez It was his debut with Spain in it World Cup in Chile. “I had to play against him. Brazil from Garrincha s pellet. I was impressed with the way this team played. At that time they asked me to score the goal, and that was oilbut the truth is that What Garrincha did was from another world. He saw how hard it was to do what they did. I wanted to imitate them, but that was impossible,” he admitted wistfully.

The former midfielder was responsible for opening the scoring to put the European cast ahead, but the referee’s performance played a trick with him. “In that match they disallowed a goal, I’m still looking for the penalty imposed by the referee. would have meant 2 to 0which I also referred to. We could have eliminated Brazil and changed history“Analyse as if the match had been played a few days ago. Screams yellow They reversed the result and headed to Canarinha to his second world title.

During his stage as a footballer, he had to face characters who became legends. Alfredo Di Stefano, Franz Beckenbauer, Garrincha and Pele They were some of them, but after his retirement he understood that there was another player who would go down in history as the best on the planet. “The one that catches my eye the most is Messi. During his days in Barcelona, ​​he witnessed an era. Unfortunately time passes for everyone and Today is not the same as those years, but it has been what surprised me the most since I retired‘, he finished.

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