The Argentine Navy conducts logistical exercises with the Amphibious Vehicles Battalion


Logistics tasks in Puerto Belgrano. Photo: ARA

08/25/2021 | Buenos Aires

Gonzalo Mari

ships argentina army Ara Bagel Channel And Ara Bahia San Blas Carried out, in Puerto Belgrano, the tasks of logistical support and exercises for ascent and disembarkation of the materials in cooperation with the staff 1st Amphibious Vehicle Battalion (BIVH) from Marines.

The Ara Bahia San Blas, Together with staff and media from BIVH and Battalion Command and Logistics Support (BICA), Logistics exercises carried out, where Amphibious Wheeled Vehicles (VAR) LARC5 Shipped and installed in the ship’s holds, equipment and weapons were waterproof.

At the same time, activities were carried out for disposal on board the ship, preventive maintenance of vehicles in custody, stay at sea, and knowledge of the ship.

to part, Ara Bagel ChannelLed by Lieutenant Commander Silvio Daniel Bouvard, arrived at the port of Buenos Aires transporting 27 containers for Naval Fleet Command (COFM) and five chariots for Puerto Belgrano Naval Base (BNPB).

The Commander Training and Recruitment in the Navy (COAA), rear admiral Juan Carlos Daniel Abbondanza COAA Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Walter Ernesto DonnaHe visited the unit to learn about the following recruitment tasks and the activities that the ship will carry out during the next day Antarctic Summer Campaign (CAV) 2021/22.

On her return to the port of Buenos Aires, she will enter the ship Tandanur for preventive and corrective maintenance of systems; Prepare it for CAV. for this part,

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