The Argentine government has avoided condemning the electoral farce in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega was re-elected with 75% of the vote in elections rejected by the international community due to lack of guarantees (Reuters)

Government Alberto Fernandez, across the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, avoid condemning the electoral farce in Nicaragua Where was the dictator last Sunday Daniel Ortega It was imposed with 75% of the vote. In a brief statement, the State Department said it maintains its “diplomatic tradition of non-interference in internal affairs.”

“A few hours after the end of the elections, we maintain our diplomatic tradition of non-interference in the internal issues of other countries”, defines in its central paragraph the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by Santiago Cafiero.

The Argentine Republic endorses its historic commitment to the defense of human rights and strongly supports the work of the United Nations High Commissioner, Michelle BacheletAbout the situation in Nicaragua.

Despite not condemning the controversial elections, the Argentine government has repeated it “Worried about the arrest of opposition leaders” And “The need for the Government of Nicaragua to ensure respect for the human rights of all the population”.

“In Argentina, we understand that democracy means respect for ideological diversity and unrestricted civic participation. We must accompany the people of Nicaragua so that they can restore dialogue and democratic coexistence as quickly as possible,” the Foreign Ministry statement concluded.

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero with President Alberto Fernandez
Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero with President Alberto Fernandez

The position expressed by the Argentine government on Monday regarding the elections in Nicaragua contrasts with the position it adopted months ago when the elections were in Peru. On June 10, when 99.1% of surveys were examined Pedro Castillo And Keiko Fujimori The presidency ran the vote by a narrow margin of 71 thousand votes (50.2% to 49.8%), Alberto Fernandez congratulated the leftist candidate as elected president. Without formal confirmation of the victory of Peruvian justice, the Argentine president called Castillo to start working together: “I have expressed my desire that we join forces for the benefit of Latin America. We are two deeply twin nations.” On that occasion, the “diplomatic tradition of non-interference in internal affairs” did not prevail. This new international setback led the Peruvian government to send to Argentina protest notePresident Alberto Fernandez, noting that the final results of the 2021 general elections have not yet been announced by the electoral authorities of our country.

Alberto Fernandez tweet congratulating Pedro Castillo before official confirmation
Alberto Fernandez tweet congratulating Pedro Castillo before official confirmation

Unlike Argentina, The international community ignored the results of the Nicaraguan elections Ortega, a former Sandinista fighter, will remain in power for another five years. Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Spain, United States, Panama, United Kingdom, European Union (EU), Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay They were the first to ignore the elections for lack of guarantees and incompetence due to the arrest of seven presidential candidates by the opposition before the vote.

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