The app you should delete from your cell phone: record everything you do without realizing it

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one of apps Most downloaded from Play Store I became a point of view Electronic security. according to ESET researchersa a company to Programming Sector specialist, find out iRecorder Android Recorder – Screen Recorder it contains malicious code.

As they explain, these developments can undergo transformations long after they are installed, which means that this type of Troy horse It could actually develop into something more problematic.

Malicious iRecorder app detected on Google Play with over 50,000 installs

Although it is not the first time ESET explore android malware Based on Ahemeth in google appsIt is important to draw attention iRecorder It can also be found at alternative markets and informal.

the signature specify the malicious copy They shared their findings with Googlewho removed it from the store.

As they emphasized, iRecorder It can record ambient sound from the device’s microphone and even extract files with specific extensions.

Malicious iRecorder App: Old version of the app

In addition, the users They have installed a file earlier version From the app has also detected hardware to whores Without knowing it, after an update manual method also automatic August 2022.

while analyzing a file iRecorder is harmfulAnd ESET I selected two versions of malicious code Based on AhMyth RAT: The first version contains fragments of malicious code for AhMyth RATcopied without any modification.

Although it is a file Powerful tool Capable of performing various functions, the functions seem to fit a model Application permissions you already know, Grant access to files on the device and allow voice recording.

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