The Antarctic Strategic Plan in Three Pillars: Tourism, Science, and Antarctic Logistics

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The good news for the region is Silversea’s recent decision to abandon its Ushuaia operations and begin operating from the Chilean ports of Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams to Antarctica.

It is an important step to open the maritime frontier for missions and tourism and they are showing us a step ahead of Ushuaia. However, we cannot lose sight of the fact that Ushuaia is preparing for the Antarctic cause, and for this, it is improving its port and strengthening its logistics to better serve each of the expeditions visiting this continent.

Namely, we cannot stand idly by in celebrating today the determination to occupy our ports for this type of tourism, but we must prepare for what is to come. It is important to develop a strategic plan for Antarctica that should be based on three pillars: Antarctic Tourism, Antarctic Science and Antarctic Logistics.

The number of Antarctic operators has increased in an average year, reaching No. 23, spending about $52 million in the summer season. This is still the amount of dimportant inero who somehow stays in the zone.

Loyalty programs have been achieved, such as, for example, the Korean that today has subsidiaries in the Chilean Antarctic Institute and this has been achieved with Korea, it will be interesting if it is replicated with other operators in the Antarctic so that they can be installed in our city and work From Punta Arenas to Antarctica. For this reason, he insisted on the need to establish a business center in Antarctica, where facilities could be provided, meetings held, and so that scientists could establish a base there.

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There are important activities coming, one of which is that the headquarters of the World Antarctic Science Congress in 2024 will be Chile and the technical schedules will operate in Magallanes. Next, there is a need for a large meeting center so that in the future we can receive delegations of the various International Antarctic Programs.

As you will realize, it is a huge opportunity and it is a huge offer that we can get. Why not consider the Antarctic International Exposition? , where anything from a pin to a container carrier is displayed, where we can provide the services required by the various Antarctic programs. It will be a practically unique opportunity that we cannot miss for 2024.

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