The American pizza recipe was brought from the United States and sold at Pellegrini

The space it occupied until recently on Pellegrini Street 51 sandwichesNow it has new owners and the proposal they landed with is completely different. It’s a new building for American pizza, which seeks to tempt palates with flavors that come exclusively from the United States. delicious pizza Cut strips last Friday and added as a new option in the tasting aisle par excellence.

LucasAnd Nahuel And Stephen Cuevas They are the three brothers in charge of the business and with whom they strive to position the brand in the city. thing is tasting I started two years ago at Villa Gobernador Gálvez, a place where I continue to work coordinating delivery. For Rosario, they raised the stakes and the arrival of the heat made them open to the public, even with tables so that people could sit back and enjoy the most varied flavours. Among them: pepperoni, red onion, mushroom with green pepper, supreme (a combination of flavors), BBQ chicken, mozzarella, double mozzarella and roquefort.

“You won’t find the classic ham, cheese and olive pizza. We try to make different flavours. It’s completely different from what’s really there in the area, though we know we’re not the only ones” Biz point Picture of Eduardo Cuevas, Camel LucasAnd Nahuel And Steven, and cooperating with the project. The family had lived in the US for about 10 years and when they returned to the country they realized that there were very few pizzerias of this style in the area, in addition to missing out on the flavors they were already accustomed to.

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The format they deal with at Pellegrini is self-catering. You arrive, you go to the checkout, you place your order and they call you when it is. Then you can take a portion of standing or occupying a table. “You won’t find a menu like in other gastronomic places, it’s a younger wave. We have two screens: one for drinks and one for pizza flavors and prices,” he said, for his part, Nahuel. The suggestion is only pizza and you can accompany it with soft drinks, pint or canned beer.

Lucas And Steven They are in front of the kitchen and Nahuel He is responsible for the marketing, networking and customer service area of ​​the building. They assure that it is a 100% family business and that they are deeply committed to moving business in the city. “We were very well received by the people at Villa Gobernador Gálvez and they started asking Rosario from us. We started evaluating the possibility of opening by Pellegrini and bought the fame that was there,” they explain. Now all you have to do is prepare the delivery to complete the process.

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