“The American dream exists. It looks like a movie.”

A young Spanish man captured the attention of thousands of TikTok users by sharing his impression after several weeks in the United States.Specifically from San Francisco. In his video, the boy expresses his astonishment and enthusiasm for what he describes as the “American dream,” explaining that what you see in movies is a tangible reality.

“The American dream exists, what you see in the movies is reality.”“, says the young man in his video, which has already received thousands of views. “There are also people in the streets, but like in all countries. But apart from that, America looks like a movie. Big houses with American flags, giant supermarkets, giant everything.”

The young man continues to highlight the kindness of Americans: “Americans are very good people. If they can help you they will. It's like a movie. I was afraid of being disappointed.”.

His detailed and frank description of life in the United States has resonated with many users, both those who dream of visiting the country and those who have already had the opportunity to experience it. In the comments, dozens supported Samu Obadiah's words (@samuobadiaa).

“I felt great there, the people were very friendly and everything was spacious and very well organized.”Or “I agree with you 100%” or “That's absolutely true! It's the same in Illinois, everything is big and the people are so nice” or “I love California and I totally agree with you” or “I also worked last year in California and I think the United States is overrated and a very dirty country that leaves a lot to be desired. It is true that people are good but they are very wrong.”are some of the comments that are read along with the video.

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